Parking Tickets

Parking tickets should be paid within 28 days from the date the ticket was issued.

Please note: Parking infringements (tickets) issued within the last 24 hours will be available for online payment after 9am the following business day.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Council charge for parking?

We have a user pays parking system and time restrictions to ensure access to car parks by discouraging all day parking and encouraging turnover. Restricted parking areas and fees are determined by Council bylaws, however fines are set by legislation and are outlined in the  Land Transport (Road User) Rules 2004.

What happens if I don’t pay my ticket?

A reminder notice will be sent to you if you have not paid your ticket within 28 days.  If payment is still not made within 28 days after the reminder notice is sent, the unpaid parking ticket is passed onto the courts. You will receive a Notice of Fine from the court. You will have 28 days to pay the new fine to the court which also includes court costs. Contact the Fine Enquiries Line on 0800 408 409 for further information.

What does the money from tickets get used for?

Money from parking tickets is used to offset rates. The LTSA takes 50 per cent of fines for non-registered and non-warranted cars. 

Why is the Council not more flexible? I was only delayed by a few minutes.

The parking system gives those parking in a pay by space a 10 minute grace period in order to allow you to get back to your vehicle and top up your parking space. (Provided the space does not have a maximum parking time restriction of 120 minutes.)

After this 10 minute grace period the Parking Officers are notified that your vehicle is overstaying without payment. Once you have overstayed a Parking Officer can issue an infringement.

There is no grace period for time restricted parking spaces such as P5, P30, P60 etc.

Where can I park when I don’t know how long I’m going to be?

The PayMyPark App lets you manage your parking even when you're not with your car from your smartphone. You can use the start-stop function, which lets you start paying when you park and then stop when you are ready to leave. If you prefer to pay for a time period up front you can extend remotely from your phone. Find out more at PayMyPark App.

I got a ticket but I paid for my parking space?

Either your time expired or you entered an incorrect bay number. Please take care when entering your bay number at the pay machine.

What happens if my car received a ticket but I was not driving it at the time?

As the registered owner you are responsible. However, if you provide us with a signed declaration containing the full contact details of the person driving the vehicle, we will forward the notice to them.

Why did I get a parking ticket when I put more money in the meter?

You may have parked in an area with time restrictions e.g. you can only park for up to two hours in the parking spaces along Devon Street from Eliot to Robe streets.

Why did I get two tickets at the same time?

This could be because you have not complied with two rules under the Land Transport (Road User) Rules 2004.

Why did I get a parking ticket for parking on a broken yellow line, when I was only there for a minute?

Rules like this are in place for our safety and no vehicle is permitted to stop, stand or park on yellow lines at any time. 

Why did I get a parking ticket while parked in the loading zone?

Loading zones are for quick pick-ups and drop offs by goods vehicles only. Tickets are issued when you exceed the five minute time limit or if you are not using the space to unload or pick up goods.  

Can I get a parking ticket on Sundays or statutory holidays?

No, parking is free on Sundays and statutory holidays.

Can I get a parking ticket on a Saturday?