Street Lights

We manage all the streetlights in the district, including those on local roads, state highways and the under-veranda lights in the CBD and shopping areas. There are approximately 9,500 streetlights in the New Plymouth District - 8,200 are on local roads, 1,000 on state highways, and 250 in parks.

Report a Fault

If you notice a street light or under-veranda light is not working please let us know. You can report a fault by phoning us on 06 759 6060 or through our contact us form.  When you report a fault please let us know the nearest property address.

LED Street Lights

New Plymouth’s local roads are lit by LED street lights. These lights use a lot less power than traditional street lights and are significantly better for the environment. The lights are very reliable lasting on average for 20 years. The project to install the lights finished in 2019 you can read about it in the article LED Lights Shine Bright.

Frequently asked questions

I have a street light that shines into my house

Please contact us, providing your address and explaining the issue. We will assess the light, and see if there is anything we can do.

I would like a street light installed in my street.

Please contact us, providing your address and explaining why you think a street light is needed. We will look at your road and decide whether a light a streetlight is required.  We do not install street lights on rural roads.

Street Light Relocation

If you would like to have a street light moved, for example if you are building a driveway, please contact us by phone on 06 759 6060 or through our contact us form. You should tell us:

  • where the street light is you would like moved
  • the distance you would like the street light moved by.

A street light can only be moved a small distance, this is to keep the lighting even along the road. If we approve the relocation of the street light we will give you the details of our contractor and you will organise the relocation with them. You will need to meet the cost of moving the street light.  

Damage to a Street Light

If you damage a street light, for example if you drive into it and it bends or falls over, please let us know so we can organise for the light and pole to be repaired. If you are at fault you will need to pay for the repair of the street light. If you are insured this should be covered by your insurance. You can contact us on 06 759 6060 or through the contact us form.