Most of us walk as part of our daily lives.

Our aim is simple – to encourage you to consider walking as a way to get to school, work, meetings, sports games, etc part of your daily routine.

Walking is safe, costs nothing, can be social and can be done almost anywhere, at any time.

Not only is walking fun and sociable, but with the increase in traffic congestion and environmental concerns, walking is becoming an important, long-term sustainable transport option.

Why walk? 

  • Feel fitter, have more energy and reduce your stress as it clears your head.
  • Relax and sleep better.
  • Reduce your blood pressure and the risk of a number of health issues including heart disease, cancer diabetes and depression.
  • Save money on traffic costs, avoid traffic congestion and parking issues
  • Walking can help you feel part of your community as well and help the environment too!

Where to walk?

New Plymouth is spoilt for choice when it comes to walking whether it is from ‘A to B’ or just for recreation.  

Keen to get walking fit? There are a number of groups out there that can help with that.

Or you can check some of our great walkways.

The right gear  

Depending on how long your walk to school or work could be will dictate what you should wear, however we do recommend comfortable shoes and bright clothing so you are more visible to other road users. A stow away jacket can be handy in case of wind/rain (we do have that in Taranaki!), and maybe even a brolly.

What’s happening out there?

To ensure our district is ‘walker friendly’, we need to know of trip hazards and anything else that is putting you off your walk. Remember to include the address or a clear description of where the issue is. To report broken glass or debris either phone 06 759 6060 or email us. 

Information about crashes or near-misses helps us and the Police to determine if there are particular areas of concern and if changes are needed to be made to reduce the risk of crashes. You can download this form and deliver to your local Police station for follow up.