Under the Civil Aviation Authority's rules owners of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) need to get the permission of all landowners whose properties they will be flying over.

Section 13 of our Public Places Bylaw restricts the use of flying machines, including drones and UAV, within public places without our approval. 

How do I get permission?

Requests for approval can be emailed to us or call us on 06-759 6060

We consider requests on a case-by-case basis. You can request permission for specific areas, or general permission to fly over any park or reserve. For general permission you will need to include an explanation that you understand the CAA rules and have appropriate health and safety practices in place.

Your request will be processed within seven days and, where approved, you'll be issued a letter stating the approval with any conditions.

Examples of conditions are:

  • No flying is permitted when there is an event taking place at a park or reserve, including sports games, private weddings or other community events.
  • No flying is permitted within Brooklands Zoo or surrounding areas including Brooklands Park.
  • No flying is permitted at the New Plymouth Crematorium or any cemetery.
  • No flying is permitted at Ngamotu Beach or surrounding areas without consent of the land owner Port Taranaki Limited.

What else do I need to know?

While we don't regulate the CAA's rules, you should be aware that there are three aerodromes within New Plymouth District at New Plymouth Airport, Taranaki Base Hospital, and Norfolk; and an extensive controlled airspace exists over the wider New Plymouth area extending from around Omata to Urenui.

All drone and UAV operators are reminded to follow the CAA's rules on operating a drone or UAV. Further information on the CAA rules including controlled airspace and aerodrome maps can be viewed at airshare.co.nz or caa.govt.nz/rpas.