Walking your dog

We welcome dogs in our district. There are some places where dogs are banned or where they must be on a leash, this is to maintain health and safety for our community and wildlife. Click on the headings below or check the map to find out where you cannot take your dog or where it will need to be leashed. If the place you are looking for is not listed that means you are free to walk your dog there any time. 

Happy dog walking!

Places dogs are banned all year round
  • Barrett Domain's Lagoon
  • Barrett Domain's Pond
  • Brooklands Zoo
  • Egmont National Park
  • Fitzroy Pool
  • Lake Mangamahoe
  • Lake Rotomanu
  • New Plymouth Central Business District
  • Ngamotu Beach and Reserve
  • Ōākura Beach Motorcamp to Wairau Rd
  • Puke Ariki Landing
  • Fernery
  • Fillis St playground
  • Rogan St playground
  • Taranaki Cycle Park
  • Urenui Domain and Beach

Places dogs are banned for part of the year
  • East End Beach and Reserve 9am – 6pm 1 October to 1 April
  • Festival of Lights at Pukekura Park from 7pm – 12am 14 December to 1 February
  • Fitzroy Beach 9am – 6pm 1 October to 1 April
  • Ōākura River/Corbett Park 9am - 6pm 1 October to 1 April
  • Onaero Domain 9am - 6pm 1 October to 1 April
Places dogs must be leashed
  • Barrett Domain from Rotokare Cr to Kororako Gr
  • Bell Block Beach from 1 August to 1 April
  • Bell Block Shopping Area
  • Bell Block Walkway
  • Brooklands Park 9am - 6pm 15 December to 6 June (nb can be walked off leash out of this time but must be under control)
  • Buller St Carpark
  • Fitzroy Shopping Area
  • Inglewood Shopping Area
  • Kawaroa Park
  • Lee Breakwater
  • Coastal Walkway
  • Moturoa Shopping Area
  • Okato Shopping Area
  • Parininihi Marine Reserve from 1 August to 1 April
  • Peringa Park Wetlands
  • Pukekura Park (please note dogs are banned during the Festival of Lights from 7pm – 12am 14 December – 1 February)
  • Pukekura Park Cricket Ground
  • Tapuwae Marine Reserve from 1 August to 1 April
  • Westown Shopping Area
  • Te Henui Walkway
  • Tongaporutu Domain
  • Wai-iti Beach from 1 August to 1 April
  • Waitara main shopping area
  • Waiwhakaiho Car Park Area

Dog walking map

This map will help you find out where you can take your dog and what sort of control it needs to be under so you can make the most of your walks! If no restrictions are stated then your dog may be walked off leash at any time.

Select the area you wish to visit with your dog from the drop-down menu, or click the area, to see if any restrictions apply.