Dog Registrations

Registration requirements

Under section 42 of the Dog Control Act 1996:

  • All dogs over the age of three months must be registered.
  • It is an offence to keep a dog older than three months which is unregistered.
  • You could be liable to an infringement fine of $300 or on conviction a court may impose a fine of up to $3,000 for failure to register your dog(s).
  • If any dog over the age of three months is found not wearing a current registration tag on land or premises other than its owner’s land or premises, or in any public place, the dog may be seized and impounded.

The Dog Registration form has more details about:

  • Registration requirements and the obligations of dog owners
  • Control of dogs
  • Change of ownership
  • Microchipping
  • Payment, rebates and refunds

Registration fees

  Fees 2018/19 
 Residential dog (rating code 1 or 2) $155 per dog
 Rural first two dogs (rating code 3 or 4 or other approved rural property)   $58 per dog
 Rural more than two dogs $28.50 per dog

Penalty/late fees apply (after 1 August 2018), please see 'Penalty for late registrations' heading below for more details. 

Penalty for late registrations

A 25 per cent penalty will be applied after 1 August 2018 until 30 November 2018. A penalty of 5o per cent will be applied after 1 December 2018 until 30 June 2019. Failure to register your dog may result in an infringement fine of $300 and /or seizure of the dog.

Moved? Transferring dog registration

Owner registration is transferable for free anywhere in New Zealand. Just fill in the form (above) and bring in the dog’s current tag/disc or registration form. We'll then give you an NPDC tag/disc at no charge. Remember to let your previous council know that you have moved.

Can I get a refund if my dog dies?

Yes. Complete a deceased dog advice form (above) and take or send it, along with either a vet’s certificate or the dog’s tag/disc, to us. Refunds are only available during the current financial year (1 July to 30 June) and are calculated from the remaining complete months of that year from the date we receive your signed refund form. Registration fees are not refundable if your dog has been sold or given away.

Can I get a replacement tag/disc?

Yes. Fill in the registration form and bring it in to us.

Can I keep more than two dogs in the city?

To be able to keep more than two dogs on an urban property (less than 1 hectare) you must apply for consent (form above). This application will require a property inspection (at no charge).

What do I do if I have lost my dog?

Call us on 06-759 6060 and we will do our best to reunite you with your dog! If your dog is picked up by us, it will be taken to the Dog Pound on Rifle Range Road.

Menacing or dangerous dogs

We have powers to declare a dog menacing or dangerous in certain circumstances, including if the dog is considered a threat to any person, animal or protected wildlife. We must also classify a dog as menacing if there are reasonable grounds to believe it belongs wholly or predominantly to one or more of the four restricted breeds/ types: American pit bull terrier, dogo Argentino, Brazilian fila and Japanese tosa. It is illegal to import any of these restricted breeds/types.

Stricter requirements apply to menacing or dangerous dogs including being muzzled and leashed in public, being neutered and being kept securely fenced on the owner’s property (without blocking access to the house for visitors).

A dog that is required to be muzzled, must wear a muzzle at all times in any public place or private way, unless it is confined completely within a vehicle or cage. The muzzle must prevent the dog from biting but allow it to breathe and drink without obstruction.

If you receive a dangerous or menacing dog notice please contact us for more information.

Using a dog to guard property

It’s great to have a guard dog, but any person with a legitimate reason for visiting must have unrestricted access to at least one door of the house. A good guard dog will alert you that someone is on or near your property - but it should never harm or  intimidate someone who is lawfully there.

If your dog is unfriendly to visitors, you may need to fence the path to your front door securely. If someone is bitten by your dog, you may be fined and your pet could be euthanised.

Do not leave your dog to run freely on your property – they are more likely to attack if the owner is absent from the property.


We issue fines (infringement notices) to encourage responsible ownership and control of dogs. The use of fines is used in addition to, or in place of, court action alternatives.

Infringement fees are set out in Schedule 2 of the Dog Control Act 1996.

Paying by instalment

Instalment payments can be made at any Council office or service centre, or by internet banking.  If you are paying via internet banking, please use the owner ID number as your transaction reference.

Can I pay part year fees?

If you get your dog part way through the year you may pay part year fees. These are charged for the number of complete months left in the registration year and must be paid in one sum. We can also back-date fees if needed.

Rebates for dogs in residential areas

While the registration fee is higher for dogs in residential areas, rebates may be available for:

 Rebate 2018/19 
 Neutered dog $19.50 per dog
 Responsible dog ownership rebate $32 per dog
 Pensioner/SuperGold rebate (65 years and over)  

$17.50 per dog

These rebates are applied in the calculation of your fee (where applicable).

Rural dog discounts

Rural dog discounts apply to any dog kept on a property that has a rating code of three or four, or other approved rural property.

  • Full fee $58 per dog for the first two dogs kept by the same owner.
  • Reduced fee $28.50 per dog for the third and subsequent dogs kept by the same owner.

What does my registration fee get used for?

Your fee contributes to the following activities:

  • Animal Control Officers patrolling throughout the district, including 24 hour a day call out for emergencies.
  • Supply of dog trap cages and the control of dogs worrying stock throughout the district.
  • Rehoming of unwanted or stray animals and the follow-up and return of registered dogs which have been impounded, found straying or handed in by members of the public.
  • Investigation of complaints which can include barking dogs, dogs attacking people or animals, roaming dogs in prohibited or leashed areas, non-removal of dog faeces, etc.
  • Education of community groups, including schools.
  • Maintenance and operation of the dog pound, including euthanasia where necessary.
  • NPDC's share of administration costs of the National Dog Database.
  • Administering infringements.

National Dog Database

The National Dog Database, run by the Department of Internal Affairs, holds information on all registered dogs including registration details, microchip number (if applicable), breed and year of birth. Contact details of the owners are also recorded. Local councils supply and maintain information held on the database. The information is not available to the public.

Dog obedience training providers

New Plymouth Vet Group
Phone: 06-758 4006

North Taranaki Dog Training Club
Phone: 06-755 3382 (Paula)

Energy Vets Taranaki
Phone: 06-756 7228

Pet Essentials
Phone: 06-759 0190

Dog Guru
Phone: 0800 364487