Dog Pound

The dog pound is a holding facility for dogs before being returned to their rightful or sometimes new owner. Once a dog is impounded, every attempt is made to contact the owner.

To have your dog released from the pound you will need to pay impounding fees to cover our costs of picking up and caring for your dog. If your dog is not registered you will also need to pay the registration fee before your dog is released (it’s much cheaper to register your dog the usual way).

The dog pound is open by appointment only. To make an appointment, please phone NPDC on 06-759 6060 and ask to speak to Animal Control.

Missing dogs

If we pick up a dog with identification then we will contact the registered owner directly.

If we pick up a dog that does not have identification then we will list it on our impounded dogs page.

Rehoming unwanted or unclaimed dogs

Dogs available for adoption are listed on our Dogs for Adoption page. They have undergone a behavioural and temperament assessment by our experienced Animal Control Officers and are suitable to be rehomed.

It costs $265 to rehome a dog. This includes desexing, registration and microchipping. 

Our Animal Control Officers will discuss the suitability of the match between the dog and the prospective new owner. The final rehoming of the dog will be at the discretion of the officer.

Pound fees 2020/21

If your dog is picked up by our Animal Control Officers (and is impounded) you will have to pay one of the following fees to have your dog released.

Registered dog:

  • $71.50 first impounding.
  • $153 second impounding.
  • $275 third impounding.

Unregistered dog: $153 (plus penalty, registration and microchipping fees).

Sustenance fee: There is a $7.50 per day, per dog fee for food for dogs impounded longer than 48 hours.

Sale of dog under eight years old from the pound: $265 (includes registering, desexing the dog and microchipping).

Sale of dog over eight years old from the pound: $132.50 (includes registering, desexing the dog and microchipping). Covid-19 stimulus reduced fee.

Microchipping dogs: $46 per dog (impounded dogs only).