Abandoned Vehicles

The police deal with abandoned vehicles that may endanger other road users. We handle all other abandoned vehicles.

A vehicle (such as a car, truck or trailer) is considered abandoned if: 

  • It is parked on a public roadway, and
  • It has been there for an unusual length of time, and
  • It is not there for a lawful purpose, and
  • The owner cannot be located, and/or
  • It is unroadworthy.

Report an abandoned or nuisance vehicle

If the location of the vehicle is causing an obstruction or danger, contact the police. Otherwise, contact us with:

  • The vehicle’s location.
  • The vehicle’s make, model, colour and registration number.
  • How long it has been there.
  • The name of the vehicle’s owner, if possible. (If the vehicle is near your residence, please ask your neighbours if they know anything about it.)
  • Any other information, such as whether wheels are missing or if the vehicle is burnt out.

We usually check the vehicle within four or five days of receiving your message. A letter will be sent to the car’s owner, its last registered owner or to the person entitled to possession of the vehicle, requesting that they remove it. If in 14 days the vehicle is not removed or there is no contact from the person responsible for the vehicle, we may have it towed for disposal.

Consequences of abandoning a vehicle

People who abandon a vehicle in a public place may be prosecuted for breaching legislation and bylaws. Also, vehicles parked in a public place will receive a fine from parking officers if they do not have a current warrant of fitness and registration.

Costs incurred by us to trace the owner of an abandoned vehicle or to remove it can be charged to the last known owner.

Old vehicles on private property

Old and disused vehicles on private property that take up the space of up to 14m3 (or the size of two small cars) are permitted on private land. Any vehicles taking up a space greater than 14m3 are required to be stored so that they are not visible to others. You can receive fines for incorrectly storing vehicles on private property.