Street Lights

Street lights not working? Report it!

We have a monitoring process for identifying faults but always appreciate a call about any faults. When you report a fault please let us know the nearest property address.

We manage the streetlights in the district, including the ones on the state highway network on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency and most of the under-veranda lights in the CBDs and shopping areas in New Plymouth District.

As an invest to save strategy, all streetlights are being replaced by LED lights. LED streetlights result in significant reduction in power used and a reduction in maintenance.

In New Plymouth District we have approximately 9,500 streetlights. 8,200 are on local roads, 1,000 on state highways, and 250 in parks.

The images below show the different light emitted from LED street lights. The top image is Heta Road, New Plymouth without LEDs and the bottom image is with LEDs. 

Heta Road before LED street lights were installed.

Heta Road with LED street lights.