Cemetery Search

Cemetery Search

Our online cemetery search is available to locate the burial records of people buried or cremated in New Plymouth District. Please enter the name of the person you are looking for in the space provided below, and the year of death (if known).

How to use the cemetery maps

Links to cemetery maps are available on a number of record searches displayed. These show the general area of the cemetery in which the plot can be found, e.g. "block 16, plot number 306 within an area numbered 1 to 536" will be found slightly beyond the halfway point of Block 16.

Crematorium records

Crematorium records will be shown along with cemetery records when search results are displayed. These can give the appearance of the name being entered twice - closer examination will reveal the word "cremation" in the cemetery name field. Dual listings of names appear where a person has been cremated and family/friends have interred their ashes in a cemetery. An inspection of the second burial record will show their resting place.


The cemetery search results are not intended to contain all information available on the deceased. There may be errors or omissions in the data presented, and we do not accept responsibility for any effects arising from them.

Should any corrections need to be made to the records or for more information, please contact us.