There are skate parks in New Plymouth (East End Reserve and Marfell Park), Waitara (Marine Park and Pennington Park), Inglewood (Carnival/Jubilee Park), Bell Block (Hickford Park), Okato and Oakura (Shearer Reserve).

Skateboarding (including rollerblades, roller skates, in-line skates, scooter or similar) is prohibited in the central business areas of New Plymouth, Inglewood and Waitara. Skateboarding in any other area is to be carried out in consideration to pedestrians and ensuring no damage is caused.

Please remember, your skateboard could be confiscated or there could be other consequences if you ride in banned areas. If confiscated, your skateboard will be returned only once the required fee is paid.

The shaded streets shown on the maps indicate the areas where no skateboarding is allowed (24 hours per day).

New Plymouth CBD skateboarding ban

Map of New Plymouth CBD skateboarding map

Inglewood CBD skateboarding ban

Map of Inglewood CBD skateboarding map 

 Waitara CBD skateboarding ban

Map of Waitara CBD skateboarding ban