Garden Festival

Blue, purple and white flowers in bloom at the fernery
Take a tour of the Fernery, Pukekura Park or Te Henui cemetery during the garden festival

Garden Festival Info

We are very proud to take part in the PowerCo Taranaki Garden Festival.

The festival takes place from 26 October to 4 November. 

While you can visit our beautiful spaces year round, spring is an especially great time to visit our participating gardens, Pukekura Park, Te Henui Cemetery and the Fernery and Display Houses.

During the festival we also host guided tours of all three garden, all are free and no booking is required.


Pukekura Park

Wednesday 31 October 9am

Friday 2 November 9am

Meet outside The Bellringer Pavilion, via Fillis St entrance, Pukekura Park, New Plymouth


Fernery and Display Houses

Tuesday 30 October 11am

Thursday 1 November 11am

Meet at the Fernery and Display House entrance, Pukekura Park, Fillis St, New Plymouth


Te Henui Cemetery

Monday 29 October 2pm

Wednesday 31 October 2pm

Friday 2 November 2pm

173 Lemon St, Strandon, New Plymouth. Meet by the main sign by the first roundabout inside the cemetery