Learn to Swim

A Todd Energy Aquatic Centre Swim School Instructor assisting a student in the water.
Not only is swimming a great way to exercise, knowing how to swim generates confidence in and around water. We have swimming classes for all ages, from six months old through to adults. 

Term 2 school holidays special pricing

Bookings for term 2 school holiday lessons are now open.

The Learn to Swim programme during the July school holidays will cost just $40, down from the usual $60.

The programme includes 6 lessons. They run from 8:00am - 10:30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on both weeks of the holidays.

Take advantage of this special offer and book in today. Call us on 06 759 6060 or email enquiries@npdc.govt.nz


Q: I’ve already booked my child in for the school holidays at full price, can I get a refund?

A: Yes, a credit can be arranged for anyone who has paid full price. Talk to the receptionist at Todd Energy Aquatic Centre when you arrive for the first lesson.

Q: I want to book my child for next term, can I still get a saving?
A: No, the promotion only applies to booking for the Term 2 school holidays of Monday 8 July – Friday 19 July.

Q: How many lessons will my child receive?
A: Six lessons.

Q: When do the lessons run?
A: 8.00am – 10.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday both weeks.

Term time - prices and lesson times

Child: $10 per lesson
Adult: $11 per lesson
One on one: $35 per lesson

Lessons follow the school term so payment is calculated on the number of weeks in the term, i.e. if there are nine weeks in the term, it will cost $90 per child (9x$10=$90) or $99 per adult.

Lessons are for 25 minutes.

Contact us for bookings and lesson times 


Learn to swim classes are also held during the school holidays.
Summer holidays = nine lessons
School term holidays = six lessons

School holiday lessons are held in the mornings.

Contact us for bookings and lesson times


Note: The Swim School reserves the right to change the instructor if the need arises. Fees are subject to review annually.


Baby and preschooler

In our baby, toddlers and preschool classes, the lessons are planned in line with the age and level of the individual and groups, using songs and activities to encourage participation.

Water babies: 6–15 months old
Introducing the baby to the aquatic environment. Group activities to stimulate the enjoyment of water. The course requires the participation of a caregiver who will learn secure holds to keep the baby safe while learning and encouraging the baby’s natural curiosity and playfulness in the water.

Toddlers: 15 months–2½ years old
The course requires the participation of a caregiver, encourages the enjoyment of the aquatic experience in deep and shallow water and teaches methods to develop the toddler’s awareness, skills and confidence in the water.

Beginner preschoolers: 2½-3 years old
An introduction to lessons for preschoolers who have not been to lessons. It is essential that the caregiver is in the water with the child. The aim is to develop their self confidence, independence and enjoyment of the aquatic environment.

Preschooler: 3-4 years old (four per class)
For children who are independent and are ready for basic skill development. From being confident in the water to introducing front and back streamline floating with gliding and kicking.

Advanced preschooler: 3-5 years old (four per class)
Caters for children who have been to lessons and are able to float on their front and back. Development of coordination of kicking, swimming strokes and breath control and with other aquatic skills, e.g. deep water swimming, water safety and diving.

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School age to adults

Confidence: five per class
An introduction to the aquatic environment, encouraging independence and safety skills, as well as developing floating on their front and back.

Beginners: six per class
An extension of floating skills plus an introduction to the coordination of freestyle and backstroke swimming.

Advanced beginners: six per class
For children who can swim the basic freestyle stroke. This course develops rhythmic bi-lateral breathing technique and backstroke skills, and introduces the dolphin kick.

Learners: six per class
For children who can swim (with breathing) for 10m continuously. This course introduces breaststroke and butterfly skills and some deep-water skills.

Advanced learners: seven per class
For children who can swim 25 metres freestyle and backstroke. Developing breaststroke and butterfly skills; course includes survival skills.

Development squad
For children who can swim 50m continuously. Stroke technique, diving, tumbles turns, endurance swimming and development in all strokes - freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Aim is to build water confidence and basic swimming skills for adults who need to develop breathing skills and techniques, as well as developing all other strokes.

Contact us for bookings and lesson times 


Swimmer information

  1. Please advise the teacher if your child suffers from any illness or disability.
  2. We encourage the use of swimming goggles as they aid the swimmer and promote confidence in the water. All swimmers aged three years and over must wear swim caps.
  3. We recommend swimmers aged three years and under wear Little Swimmers nappies to prevent accidents.
  4. Please ensure your child is in the right lesson and ready to start on time.
  5. Our programme never replaces a parent’s vigilance when it comes to children’s safety in and around water.
  6. Cancellations should be advised to the Swim School at least 48 hours before the course begins. Withdrawal after this time will incur a penalty as a position has been reserved for the pupil. No refunds will be issued once the course begins.
  7. You may have one make up lesson due to sickness only, which is your responsibility to arrange with the swim school office within the term you are attending. Please notify the reception or swim school office before the time of lesson if you will be absent.


Learn to Swim Term 2 holiday promotion terms and conditions

1. To be Eligible for the Promotion, a person must book a child in for Learn to Swim lessons for the Term 2 school holidays, running Monday 8 July to Friday 19 July 2019. 
2. The Eligible party will be charged $40 for the lessons, which is a $20 discount on regular Learn to Swim school holiday lessons.
3. Promotional Period is Monday 24 June to Friday 5 July, or until the lessons are at full capacity, whichever comes first.
4. Bookings made by persons before the Promotional Period, for the identified school holiday date, will receive a $20 credit if requested.
5. Regular swimmer information and requirements also apply. These are available on the newplymouthnz.com website.