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Parks for all to enjoy

We manage more than 110 parks and reserves through-out the district as well as maintaining berms, public gardens, trees, walkways and other open spaces. In total we look after more than 3,000 street trees and 1,200ha of parks!

Find out more about some of our major attractions and activities:

We also have a number of documents and reports in our Council Documents section that relate to our parks and reserves. 

Lost property and willful damage: Please contact the police in the first instance, then us.

Dumped rubbish, dirty toilets or damage to plants, trees, playgrounds, seats and picnic tables: Please contact us.

Barbecues: There is a free gas barbecue at the East End Reserve off Buller Street and several wood fired barbecues at Audrey Gale Reserve (you need to supply your own wood). Open fires are not permitted but you are welcome to bring portable gas barbecues where the flame is contained. 

What you can’t do in our parks

Play golf

Mountain bike riding: In general, mountain bike riding is not allowed in our parks; however, recreational bike riding is permitted on the Coastal Walkway and in some parks. Please check the signs in each park to be sure and always ride with consideration for other park users. There are extensive mountain bike tracks at Lake Mangamahoe.

Dog walking off-leash: In many of our parks, playground and beaches, dogs are banned or able to be walked only if they are on a leash. Please refer to the bylaws for more information.

Camping: Camping is not permitted in the district’s parks and on our beaches. This includes the area at Weld Road Reserve which was closed by council decision on 1 July 2003. Day facilities are provided.

Open fires

Take plants: We are happy to provide the names of plants for you.

Dump rubbish

Fish for eels: It is illegal to hunt for eel within Pukekura Park (The Reserves Act 1977, Field Section 50 Taking or Killing of Fauna) unless authorised by the Park Curator. If you find someone fishing for eels, please contact us. We will investigate the incident and report back.

Smoke: The Council endorses smokefree parks, playgrounds, sport grounds and walkways. 

Feed bread to animals: Our fish and eels and feathered friends might like to share your lunch or eat leftover bread. However, this can cause them health problems, and uneaten food can affect the water quality and attract pests. Please only feed our animal friends foods that they might find naturally. Wild bird seed is available in many shops and supermarkets and is much healthier than bread and other processed foods.

Lend a hand in your local park

Shovel and spade work isn’t for everyone. There are a range of jobs that could help such as clearing weeds, picking up rubbish, taking photos, designing newsletters, taking care of health and safety procedures.

There might be a community group up and running in your neighbourhood that you would like to join or talk to us about starting one in a park near you…

Please fill in the following form and a parks officer will be in touch shortly to discuss opportunities.

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