Group Bookings 

Group Bookings

Group visits are welcome at Brooklands Zoo! If you wish to bring a school group or any sort of large group for a visit we need to book you in and avoid too many group visits on one day as the zoo can quickly become congested with people. You can also book in a short keeper talk for your group. 

Educational Keeper Talks

Depending on staff availability, we can offer short educational keeper talks. This is strictly a pre-book only service and subject to availability of staff. Talks are for groups of no larger than 30 people per keeper.

Food at the Zoo

If your group is bringing pre-prepared food please remember that there is limited seating areas. Feeding of any of the zoo animals; including picking flowers or plants, is strictly prohibited. All the zoo animals are fed well balanced specialist diets and feeding them any other types of food can be very harmful to their health. There is a drinking fountain at the zoo.

Booking Conditions

  1. No balloons, straws or party decorations may be taken into the zoo grounds (as they could get into the animal habitats and the animals could choke on them if swallowed. We also use the zoo for grazing our farm animals when the zoo is closed).
  2. Feeding of the animals; including picking flowers or plants, is strictly prohibited. All the zoo animals are fed a well balanced specialist diet and feeding any other foods can be harmful to their health.
  3. Barriers, gates and fences must not be opened or climbed over for the safety of the public and the animals.
  4. Indoor picnics are not permitted in the farmyard barn nor are barbecues anywhere in the zoo grounds.
  5. Smoking is not permitted within the zoo grounds. 
  6. No dogs or pets are permitted within the zoo grounds except for handlers accompanied by their fully trained and certified disability assist dog during public visiting hours subject to the handler pre-booking a visiting time.  Disability assist dog means a dog certified by a recognised organisation (as listed in Schedule 5 of the Dog Control Act 1996).  Access to the free-flight aviary and the farmyard areas are not permitted.  Please advise us in advance if you wish to visit with a disability assist dog. 
  7. Any rubbish generated during your visit must be removed from the zoo grounds on your departure or placed in the rubbish bins provided.
  8. Keeper talks and/or tours are limited to groups no larger than 20 people. Multiple groups can receive talks or tours at the same time on different topics depending on keeper availability.