Brooklands Zoo Challenges

Find the animals 

There are animal silhouettes hidden around the zoo, can you find them?

Brooklands Zoo quiz

Search for the answers to these questions when you next visit Brooklands Zoo. Don't peep at the answers!

1.  What colour is the entrance gate at the Brooklands Zoo?

2.  How many animals are on the hide and seek sign?

3.  In what part of the world are the tufted capuchin monkeys found?

4.  What threatens cotton-top tamarins in their natural habitat?

5.  What is the main type of bird in the bird habitat?

6.  Where do meerkats come from?

7.  What does kunekune mean in the Maori language?

8.  What is the conservation programme for the cotton-top tamarins in Columbia called?

9.  The artistic elephant display located in the gardens at Brooklands Zoo is made out of what material?

10.  What is the world’s largest rodent?

11.  What type of animal lives between the brolga habitat and the free flight aviary?

12.  As well as free range chickens, what are the other free ranging grey and lavender coloured birds called?

13.  What country are blue tongue skinks native to?

14.  What type of frog lives in the barn?

15.  Name the three alpacas.

16.  What type of animal is the red rumped agouti?

17.  What is the name of the big wooden butterfly?

18.  Next to Harold the giraffe there is a tape measure.  What number does it go up to?

19.  What is a group of tortoises called?

20.  Which animal looks like a snake but is not a snake?

1. Red
2. 15
3. Central America
4. They are threatened by the pet trade and deforestation of their natural habitat
5. Parrots
6. Meerkats are widespread around parts of the Kalahari Desert and Southern Africa
7. Chubby
8. Proyecto Titi
9. Metal
10. Capybara
11. Bolivian squirrel monkeys
12. Helmeted guineafowl
13. Australia
14. Two species
15. Cinnamon, Ricotta and Liquorice
16. Rodent
17. Monarch
18. 215
19. A creep
20.The scheltopusik

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