Our Sustainable Workplace

Energy Management

The Council has had an award-winning energy management project in place since 2006 to reduce the amount of electricity, gas, diesel and fuel it uses.

The Council’s energy management programme has involved a series of small, medium and large projects to cut NPDC’s energy bill including making the heating, ventilation and air conditions (HVAC) systems in the Civic Centre, Puke Ariki, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre, archive building and Todd Energy Aquatic Centre more efficient, to encouraging NPDC staff to walk to meetings that are up to 1km away or use electric bikes when travelling between 1km and 5km.

One project that is under way is a five-year programme of replacing all the district’s streetlights with LEDs as an invest-to-save strategy.

In 2012 NPDC's energy management project won the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s Energy Award. And in 2014  we won the TRC Environmental Leadership in Business Award.

In 2015, the Council achieved energy savings of $1.3 million, and in doing so met the emissions goal of a 20 per cent cut in greenhouse gas production.