Walk To Work

Walk to work in August and you can win!

Being able to walk to work is a fabulous asset to our liveable city. It’s also a great way to stay healthy, save money on commuting costs and reduce your carbon emissions. 

Give walking to work a go in August and share your experiences with us!   

Take a pic of you walking to work or to a meeting and post it on your Facebook or Instagram page with #WalktoWorkNP or email it to letsgo@npdc.govt.nz, and you’ll be in to win.

Over each week of August we have a prize worth $100 to give away + free coffees and Let’s Go coffee cups. Up for grabs:

  • Two $100 vouchers to go towards new walking gear.
  • Two $100 Blunt umbrellas.
  • Twenty coffee cards with a Let’s Go glass coffee cup. 

New Plymouth has some great walking routes to the city centre with walkways, tree-laden shared paths and street-to-street accessways, plus our Coastal Walkway, that can make your journey a delight. 

Walking even a couple of days a week can benefit the health and wellbeing of you and your community. 

Our Winners

Week One – Charlie Darling Robertson 
Week Two – Sarah Margie29



Meet Jackie:

Administrator at BTW Company Ltd
12-minute walk for three years and lives about 1.5 km to work  

Why do you walk to work?
Fresh air and Spotify - nothing better than arriving at work after listening to good beats. Saves petrol and obviously dollars; also better for the environment as reduces air pollution and carbon emissions.

What are the benefits?
I arrive at work in a positive mood. Also, on the way home I switch off from work and clear the mind.  

What are the challenges of walking to work that you have experienced?
Blocked drains, when it’s raining - my legs aren’t long enough to jump over puddles. 

Do you have any tips you could share for people to walk to work? 
Don’t wear office clothes, just wear active wear. Get a little umbrella so you can keep it in your bag.
Highly recommend it, better for overall mental and physical health :)

Meet Warren AKA Droughty:

Teacher at New Plymouth Boys’ High School 
Walks every day for 15 minutes and has been doing it for one year – started during the Let’s Go Fresh Air Challenge.

Why do you walk to work? 
Fresh air and exercise – it seems to make me feel more relaxed but invigorated at the same time.

What are the challenges of walking to work that you have experienced? 
Just the weather really, but I have a good rain jacket and take a change of shoes.

Do you have any tips you could share for people to walk to work? 
Check out how long it will take you ahead of time so that you are not rushing.
It’s a great way to start the day!



Meet Morgan:

NPDC - Community Partnerships Adviser
Has been walking approximately 30 minutes, on and off for two years.

Why do you walk to work?
I used to live in Wellington and caught the train to work (after a drive to the station). The door to door trip was 40 minutes. Now I am in New Plymouth I can walk to work and it takes 10 minutes less than my Wellington commute. 

What are the benefits you experience from walking to work?
Gives me time to myself and helps me think about things without the distractions. I also have the privilege of being able to walk through Pukekura Park to get to work (extra 10 minutes but I don’t mind!).

What are the challenges of walking to work that you have experienced?
The torrential rain that New Plymouth gets (along with the wind) can be pretty challenging! Winter is a challenge with the cold but you soon warm up.

Do you have any tips you could share for people to walk to work?
I would recommend a good pair of shoes. Nothing more important than looking after your feet! Also, if your work has lockers available, make use of them to store things like spare socks and deodorant/shower gel and a towel.
Just get out there and walk! It is free and you save money on petrol! :)

Meet Paula:

Name: Paula AKA Hillbilly 
Project Manager/Engineer
New Plymouth District Council
Walks approximate 20 min and has been for 18 months and interchanges it with biking. 

Why do you walk to work? 
I find it a lot more relaxing to walk or ride. I also like not using my car when I can, as feel every bit to reduce my emissions is good for the environment.

What are the benefits you experience from walking to work?
I find this is a good time to think/process the day. Sometimes I even check out the glow worms on the way home. (How awesome is Pukekura Park!)

What are the challenges of walking to work that you have experienced?
Wearing the right footwear and dirty footwear, as I to walk through the park. Sometimes I leave work shoes at work, and walk in my trainers. I also find sometimes if I am late I don’t feel I have enough time to walk, though I don’t think driving really doesn’t save much time. 

Do you have any tips you could share for people to walk to work?

Get some comfy walking shoes and a good jacket. You’ll feel so good for getting outside.

Anything else?
After living in cities like Vancouver and Perth, I realise how lucky I am New Plymouth with the small commute times. Overseas there was no way I could have walked to work. I like to remember how lucky I am living in New Plymouth, with a way better work/life balance.  

TOP 10 reasons for walking to work 

1. It’s good for your health. 
2. It gives you energy and reduces fatigue.
3. It’s free!  
4. Doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon emissions.
5. Increasing your exercise has proven to reduce absenteeism. 
6. Can improve workplace health.
7. Contributes to the health of the community by reducing traffic congestion and parking issues. 
8. It might actually be faster and you don’t get snarled up in that pesky rush-hour traffic or stress about finding a parking space.
9. It can increase your sense of wellbeing by appreciating the world around you.
10. Helps you switch off from one activity to the other, and gives you time to think.

Terms and conditions


Walk to Work 2019 Competition Prize Draw
Terms and Conditions

  1. New Plymouth District Council (the Council) wishes to encourage residents to work to work and school during August. Anyone aged 13 years or older who posts a photo of themselves on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag ‘#WalktoWorkNP’ during August 2019, showing them walking to or from home or walking to lunch, will go in the draw to win one of 24 spot prizes. 
  2. Twenty-four photos posted on Facebook/Instagram with #WalktoWorkNP will be selected for prizes during August, one main prize each week and 20 cups and coffee vouchers in total. 
  3. Eligibility for the prize draws will close at midnight on Saturday 31 August (Closing Date).
  4. The prizes are:
    - Two $100 Blunt umbrellas (two winners receiving one umbrella each).
    - Two $100 vouchers for weather jackets (two winners receiving one voucher each).
    - 20 $10 coffee vouchers and Let’s Go glass coffee cups (20 winners receiving one voucher and one cup each).
  5. Employees and elected members of the Council and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.
  6. To be eligible for the prizes: 
    a. the submitter must be aged 13 or older;
    b. the photo must be published on their own Facebook page or Instagram feed, or emailed to LetsGo@npdc.govt.nz, before the Closing Date; and
    c. if the photo is posted to Facebook or Instagram, it must have #WalktoWorkNP.
  7. The prize draws will be conducted at the Council Civic Centre, Liardet Street, New Plymouth. If the selected submitter is ineligible under these terms and conditions, the Council will re-draw the prize until an eligible name has been drawn.
  8. The winners will be notified by email or via social media after each draw (three draws during August, and the final draw on 2 September 2019). 
  9. The parent or legal guardian of any submitter aged under 18 years must consent to these terms and conditions prior to participation and claiming any prize.
  10. The Council reserves the right to terminate, modify or cancel the prize draws or withdraw or substitute the prizes at any time without notice.  
  11. The prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  12. The winners agree that their name and photo may be used in promotional, media and publicity purposes (including social media and website pages of the Council).
  13. When collecting personal information, the Council complies with the Privacy Act 1993 and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. 
  14. The winners must agree to these terms and conditions as a condition of accepting the Prize.