Meeting Dates

Upcoming Meeting Dates


Meetings held earlier in the year can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page.

The agenda for each meeting will be available at least 2 clear working days prior to a meeting. Once available you can find agendas and minutes here.

Information on appearing at a Council meeting can be found at the Have Your Say at Meetings Page.







Meetings Round 2 

Strategy & Operations Committee



Tuesday 28 January 2020






Council Chamber

Extraordinary Council (various matters) Tuesday 28 January 2020 Conclusion of Strategy and Operations Committee Council Chamber 
Clifton Community Board Wednesday 5 February 2020  4pm Reacreational Hall, Urenui Domain Camp, (Just past the Urenui Campsite shop on left)
Waitara Community Board Friday 7 February 2020 9am Waitara Library & Service Centre
Kaitake Community Board Monday 10 February 2020 5pm Hempton Hall, Okato
Inglewood Community Board Tuesday 11 February 2020 1.30pm Inglewood Library & Service Centre
Te Huinga Taumatua Tuesday 18 February 2020 1pm Council Chamber
Finance Audit & Risk Committee Tuesday 25 February 2020 1pm Council Chamber
Council Tuesday 3 March 2020 1pm Council Chamber

Meeting Dates for remainder of 2020

Strategy & Operations Committee

Te Huinga Taumatua  Finance Audit & Risk Committee  Council

Time:  1pm

Venue: Council Chamber 

Tuesday 10 March

Tuesday 28 April

Tuesday 9  June

Tuesday 28 July

Tuesday 8 September

Tuesday 3 November

Time:  1pm

Venue:  Council Chamber

Tuesday 31 March

Tuesday 19 May

Tuesday 30 June

Tuesday 18 August

Tuesday 13 October

Tuesday 24 November


Time:  1pm

Venue:  Council Chamber

Tuesday 7 April

Tuesday 26 May

Tuesday 14 July

Tuesday 25 August

Tuesday 20 October

Tuesday 8 December

Time: 1pm

Venue: Council Chamber

Tuesday 21 April

Tuesday 2 June

Tuesday 21 July

Tuesday 1 September

Tuesday 27 October

Tuesday 15 December

Clifton Community Board 

Thursday 19 March 4pm (Tongaporutu)

Thursday 7 May 4pm

Thursday 18 June 4pm

Thursday 6 August 4pm

Thursday 17 September 4pm

Thursday 12 November 9am

Waitara Community Board 

Friday 20 March

Friday 8 May

Friday 19 June

Friday 7 August

Friday 18 September

Friday 13 November

Kaitake Community Board 

Monday 23 March

Monday 11 May

Monday 22 June

Monday 10 August

Monday 21 September

Monday 16 November

Inglewood Community Board 

Tuesday 24 March

Tuesday 12 May

Tuesday 23 June

Tuesday 11 August

Tuesday 22 September

Tuesday 17 November