Meeting Dates

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Meetings held earlier in the year can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page

The agenda for each meeting will be available at least 2 working days prior to a meeting. Once available you can find agendas and minutes here.

Information on appearing at a Council meeting can be found on the Have Your Say at Meetings Page.


PLEASE NOTE:  All meetings will be held at venues notified unless the COVID-19 lockdown levels prevent this.  Meetings will be held via Zoom where physical meetings cannot be held.





Current Meeting Round    
Te Huinga Taumatua Tuesday 13 October  1pm Council Chamber
Finance Audit & Risk Committee Tuesday 20 October 1pm Council Chamber
Council Tuesday 27 October 1pm Council Chamber
Strategy & Operations  Tuesday 3 November 1pm Council Chamber
Clifton Community Board Thursday 12 November 4pm Urenui Community Centre
Waitara Community Board Friday 13 November 9am Waitara Library & Service Centre
Kaitake Community Board Monday 16 November 5pm  Omata School Hall (TBC)
Inglewood Community Board Tuesday 17 November  1.30pm Inglewood Library & Service Centre
Te Huinga Taumatua Tuesday 24 November 1pm Council Chamber
Finance Audit & Risk Committee Tuesday 8 December 1pm Council Chamber
Council Chamber Tuesday 15 December   1pm Council Chamber

Meeting Dates for 2021 

Strategy & Operations Committee

Time:  1pm

Venue: Council Chamber   

Tuesday 26 January

Tuesday 9 March

Tuesday 20 April

Tuesday 1 June

Tuesday 13 July

Tuesday 24 August

Tuesday 5 October

Tuesday 16 November


Te Huinga Taumatua

Time:  1pm

Venue:  Council Chamber   

Tuesday 16 February

Tuesday 30 March

Tuesday 11 May

Tuesday 22 June

Tuesday 3 August

Tuesday 14 September

Tuesday 26 October

Tuesday 7 December

Finance Audit & Risk Committee

Time:  1pm

Venue:  Council Chamber  

Tuesday 23 February

Tuesday 6 April

Tuesday 19 May

Tuesday 29 June

Tuesday 10 August

Tuesday 21 September

Tuesday 27 October

Tuesday 8 December


Time: 1pm

Venue: Council Chamber   

Tuesday 2 March

Tuesday 13 April

Tuesday 25 May

Tuesday 6 July

Tuesday 17 August

Tuesday 28 September

Tuesday 9 November

Tuesday 21 December

Clifton Community Board

Time: 4pm  

Thursday 4 February

Thursday 18 March

Thursday 29 April

Thursday 10 June

Thursday 22 July

Thursday 2 September

Thursday 14 October

Thursday 25 November

Waitara Community Board

Time: 9am  

Friday 5 February

Friday 19 March

Friday 30 April

Friday 11 June

Friday 23 July

Friday 3 September

Friday 15 October

Friday 26 November

Kaitake Community Board

Time: 5pm  

Wednesday 3 February

Monday 22 March

Monday 3 May

Monday 14 June

Monday 26 July

Monday 6 September

Monday 18 October

Monday 29 November

Inglewood Community Board

Time: 1.30pm

Tuesday 9 February

Tuesday 23 March

Tuesday 4 May

Tuesday 15 June

Tuesday 27 July

Tuesday 7 September

Tuesday 19 October

Tuesday 30 November