About the Elected Council and Committees


The Council meets on a five-weekly cycle.

Mayor: Neil Holdom
Deputy Mayor: Richard Jordan
Councillors: Councillors Shaun Biesiek, Gordon Brown, Murray Chong, Harry Duynhoven, Richard Handley, Stacey Hitchcock, Colin Johnston, John McLeod, Alan Melody, Mike Merrick, Marie Pearce, and Roy Weaver.

Planning Committee

  • Considers strategies, policies, bylaws and plans to promote the district’s community outcomes and priorities.
  • Considers matters not provided for in the Long-Term Plan, Annual Plan or other strategies and plans.
  • Considers cross-committee matters or matters not the function of any other committee

Chairperson: Councillor Roy Weaver
Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Stacey Hitchcock
Members: Councillors Shaun Biesiek, Murray Chong, Richard Handley, Alan Melody, Mike Merrick and Mayor Neil Holdom.

Performance Committee

  • Monitors the Council’s performance, progress and financial position against, and to ensure actions are compliant with, legislation, strategies, policies and plans.
  • Enables delivery of operational activities in accordance with approved plans and policies where those actions are beyond the delegations to Council staff.

Chairperson: Deputy Mayor Richard Jordan
Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Marie Pearce
Members: Councillors Gordon Brown, Harry Duynhoven, Colin Johnston, John McLeod and Mayor Neil Holdom.

Te Huinga Taumatua Committee

Identifies and discusses issues of cultural, economic, environmental and social importance to Maori in the district. Te Huinga Taumatua will generate items for the Council to consider as well as make recommendations on Council issues.

Members: Mayor Neil Holdom, Councillors Gordon Brown, Richard Handley, Stacey Hitchcock and Marie Pearce, Larry Crow (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Tama Trust), Leanne Horo (Te Kāhui o Taranaki Trust), Glenn Peri (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Maru Trust), Liana Poutu (Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust), and Colleen Tuuta (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Mutunga).

Audit and Risk Committee

To consider and make recommendations to the Council in relation to:

  1. The robustness of the internal control framework and financial management practices.
  2. The integrity and appropriateness of internal and external reporting and accountability arrangements.
  3. The robustness of risk management systems, processes and practices.

Chairperson: Councillor Richard Handley
Members: Deputy Mayor Richard Jordan, Councillor Roy Weaver, Mayor Neil Holdom and Mrs Adrienne Young-Cooper.  

CE Performance Review Committee

  • To regularly discuss, review and measure the performance of the Chief Executive against approved objectives and report to the Council.
  • In consultation with the Chief Executive, recommend to the Council the performance objectives for the Chief Executive on an annual basis.
  • Lead the annual review of the Chief Executive’s performance in accordance with the process set out in the Chief Executive’s employment contract, ensuring involvement of the full Council.
  • In association with the annual performance review undertake a review of the Chief Executive’s remuneration package and make recommendations to the Council on an annual basis

Chairperson: Mayor Neil Holdom
Members: Deputy Mayor Richard Jordan, Councillors Shaun Biesiek, Alan Melody and Roy Weaver

Community Funding Investment Committee

To implement and administer the following funding schemes operated by the Council or administered by the Council on behalf of other organisations:

  • Creative Communities New Zealand Scheme.
  • Community Funding Investment Policy (including Strategic Council Community Partnerships, Social Enterprise Grants, Community Services and Programmes Grant, Community Action Neighbourhood Development Matching Grant Fund, Marae Development Grant, Rural Halls Development Grant, Built, Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Grant).

Chairperson: Councillor Harry Duynhoven
Members: Councillors Shaun Biesiek, Gordon Brown, Colin Johnston, Marie Pearce and Mayor Neil Holdom

District Licensing Committee

To hear and determine submissions on applications under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

Chief Commissioner: Mr Alex Matheson Deputy
Commissioner: TBC

Len Lye Committee

To give formal structure to the relationship between the Council and the Len Lye Foundation as set out in the Deed of Relationship dated 24 June 2004.

Chairperson: Councillor Marie Pearce
Members: Councillors Harry Duynhoven, Stacey Hitchcock and Mayor Neil Holdom, Len Lye Foundation representatives Mr John Matthews, Mr Evan Webb, Mr Roger Horrocks and Mr Wystan Curnow.

Yarrow Stadium Joint Committee

A joint committee with representatives from New Plymouth District Council and Taranaki Regional Council responsible for:

  • Preparing long-term asset management plans, and associated budgets, for Yarrow Stadium, for the consideration and approval of the Councils.
  • Providing advice to the Councils on the preparation of Yarrow Stadium Strategic Plans.
  • Monitoring the implementation of adopted asset management plans.
  • Providing advice to the Councils on the implementation of the adopted Yarrow Stadium Strategic Plans;
  • Receiving advice and feedback from the Yarrow Stadium Advisory Group on hosting of events at yarrow Stadium, the development and implementation of Yarrow Stadium Strategic Plans and asset management plans, and the operations of Yarrow Stadium.

Chairperson: Councillor Michael Joyce (TRC)
Members: Councillor Craig Williamson (TRC) and Mayor Neil Holdom (NPDC)