Join our People's Panel

Do you care about what happens in our district? Join our People's Panel

What is the People's Panel?

The People’s Panel is a group of residents who help New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) by giving their views on our services, activities or plans. They do this by answering questionnaires, taking part in focus groups or being interviewed.

The Panel might be asked about:

  • improving services
  • council planning, policy and strategy
  • proposals to change NPDC services
  • NPDC spending and funding proposals.

Who can join the People's Panel?

You can join the panel if you're a resident or ratepayer in New Plymouth District.  Panel members are generally over 18. We try to get feedback from a wide range of people from across the district. 

How will you seek my views?

We will seek your feedback in a variety of ways, including:

  • questionnaires
  • online surveys
  • interviews
  • workshops and focus groups.

These conversations may be face-to-face, by email, online or by telephone.

What will you ask my views on?

The consultation may be general, about NPDC as a whole, or it may be specific to a particular service or activity.

Do I get paid?

If you take part in a workshop or focus group there is likely to be a small reimbursement for your time and costs. However, not all consultations will have this due to their small time commitment.

How often will you contact me?

We generally contact members of the panel a few times each year via email to invite them to provide feedback.