Feedback on Covid Response

Our world was upended by Covid 19. The shockwaves have knocked our economy and we want to make sure Taranaki is managing the turmoil and planning ahead. The Government is leading the economic and social recovery. In Taranaki, NPDC will be a major player, the work we do in coming years will lay the foundations of our recovery and help determine how quickly our community and economy bounces back.

Our current Covid Response resulted in $20 million for our Back On Our Feet initiatives including:

  • Rates holidays for struggling households and businesses.
  • Zero-interest and cheap loans to make homes warmer and greener.
  • Slashing licence and on-street dining fees for the hospitality sector.
  • Grants for main street property-owners and businesses to spruce up buildings and shop frontages.
  • And more, find out about all Back On Our Feet measures

Have we got the economic medicine about right? Or should we be looking to find more savings in our operations or be investing more in major work programmes to create jobs and stimulate the local economy? 

Survey closed 12 October.