Feedback on Water Meters

Each person uses about 292 litres of water a day making us one of the thirstiest places in New Zealand.

The network of more than 800km of pipes, pumps, and reservoirs needed to get water from our rivers and lakes to your tap is hugely expensive with ongoing compliance costs. One of the main challenges with saving water is that each household only pays a flat rate of about $0.95 per day for water which often goes under the radar. To help us take the next step in saving water we could install
water meters so that each household knows just how much water they are using.

We anticipate average water use dropping by about a quarter over 10 years if meters are introduced. If we keep it down, that would mean savings of about $40 million on infrastructure upgrades over the next 30 years, as well as:

  • Less water taken from lakes and rivers.
  • Reducing the amount of chemicals and energy used during treatment.
  • Less wastewater going to treatment.

Water meters are proven to help us cut water use but should we make them priority? 

Survey closed 12 October.