Representation Review

Status: Closed.
Feedback Closes: Saturday 2 October, 2021.

We’re proposing to change how New Plymouth District Council represents our communities in time for the 2022 triennial local election. 

The Representation Review 2021 Initial Proposal booklet holds all the information you need to understand Council’s Initial Proposal.

Representative Review 2021: Initial Proposal

We would like your views on what we’re proposing. 

What we’re proposing
After considering different options, Council is proposing the following representation for our District:

We’re proposing to keep the same number of councillors (14), but changing where they’re elected from.

In our proposal:

Nine councillors will be elected from four wards.

  • Kaitake/Ngāmotu Ward (6 councillors).  This ward contains most of the current City Ward and part of the current South-West Ward.
  • Kōhanga Moa Ward (1 councillor).  This ward contains part of the current South-West Ward and a small part of the current City Ward.
  • North Ward (1 councillor).  This ward retains the current North Ward boundaries.
  • Māori Ward (1 councillor).  This ward covers the whole of the New Plymouth District.

Five councillors will be elected at large by all electors from the whole of the New Plymouth District.

Community Boards
We’re proposing to keep the Waitara, Clifton, Inglewood and Kaitake Community Boards.  There are some minor boundary realignments for all but the Clifton Community Board.

In addition we’re proposing to establish a Puketapu Community Board for the Bell Block residential area.

All community boards would have four elected members and one councillor appointee.

What we’re not considering
This consultation is only considering the total number of elected members and the names, boundaries and number of members for each ward. The electoral system (Single Transferable Vote), the establishment of a Māori Ward and the number of members elected in the Māori Ward are outside the scope of this consultation.

Submission form
There’s a submission form attached to the consultation document, but our preference is for you to provide your feedback through the online submission form below: