New Connections Airport Drive and SH3

New Connections

Status: Closed
Consultation ended: 5pm on Friday 24 May

Airport Drive realignment

NPDC wants to future-proof safe and easy access to new housing areas between Airport Drive and Wills Road. Also, with the number of passengers through our airport growing, it’s important that we plan for an increase in traffic in this area.

Additionally, we’re working with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to make safety improvements to State Highway 3 between Bell Block and Waitara. The Airport Drive/SH3 intersection had eight recorded crashes between 2008 and 2017 and traffic pressure on this intersection will only grow, so finding a solution is a key part of this wider NZTA safety project. 

What we plan to do

We propose to include a roundabout roughly one-third of the way along Airport Drive to make it safe and easy for drivers to access new residential areas and the airport itself.

Also, to address the safety concerns around the existing SH3 intersection, we propose realigning Airport Drive to meet De Havilland Drive at a new roundabout on SH3, to be built by NZTA. This layout reflects the indicative road alignment signalled in the District Plan and feedback we’ve received from affected landowners.

The proposed Airport Drive realignment and the new Airport Drive/De Havilland Drive/SH3 intersection will improve access to the airport as well as public safety in the area. 

PDF – map of proposed realignment

SH3 improvements – Bell Block to Waitara

The NZ Transport Agency is investigating State Highway 3 (SH3) between Waitara and Bell Block to find ways to help improve road safety, reduce crashes and ease congestion. 

In November 2018, the Government confirmed it would be putting $29 million of funding towards the improvements, and in March 2019 the first stage of safety improvements were completed with the removal of the northbound passing lane between Mahoetahi Road and Raleigh Street.
Further safety improvements are planned, with the NZ Transport Agency continuing to work through the design phase for these improvements over the winter months of 2019. Implementation of these safety improvements is currently planned for the summer of 2019/20 and into 2020/21.