Neighbourhood-led Road Safety Improvements

NPDC is working with communities to create people-focused streets that are attractive, safe, welcoming and accessible. The design concepts can be viewed below.

Huatoki Street Improvements

Status: Open
Consultation closes: 
13 September 2019

Following input from residents and Vogeltown School, we have developed this concept design with the following key features:

  • Raising the crossing point at the intersection of Huatoki and Carrington Streets to slow traffic and improve the safety of people crossing at this location. The proposed location has improved sight lines, and appropriate signage to support this will be supplied.
  • Installing one P120 outside the shops and one additional P10 and installing four P120’s (operational Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) opposite the shops and outside #9 Huatoki Street. These will help service both visitors to the businesses on Huatoki and Carrington Street and neighbouring residents.
  • Providing improved marking of on-street parking bays to encourage people driving to park one metre clear of driveways (as legally required). By raising both the pedestrian crossing and crossing point, vehicles will be slowed which will also help to improve visibility and safety for vehicles exiting driveways. 
  • Providing low-level planting within the roadway (at a height that won’t obstruct visibility) to improve street amenity.
  • Creating a 3m-wide shared pathway along the northern side of Huatoki Street to connect the junior and senior schools (linked by the pedestrian crossing) to enable off-road travel for people biking as well as scootering and walking. 
  • Raising the pedestrian crossing and including a raised cycle priority crossing to connect the shared path, to improve visibility and reduce speed of approaching vehicles at the pedestrian crossing.
  • Rebuilding the footpath on both sides of the street to ensure a smooth surface and remove trip hazards. 
  • Rebuilding all kerb crossings and footpaths to meet best practice guidance to support accessibility users and people with push chairs.
  • Shift the bus stop from in front of Vogeltown (senior) School, to the eastern side of Hursthouse Street (operational 7.30am – 8.30am and 3pm – 4.30pm school days only; otherwise available for parking). Please note this bus stop is used by intermediate and high school students, not Vogeltown School students.
  • Changing the school bus stop on the northern side of Huatoki Street, making it available for P10 parking between the hours of 8.30am – 9.15am otherwise will be available for parking after 4.30pm and before 7.30am. 
  • Providing seating and planting in front of the Vogeltown (senior) School to improve amenity for the school and passers-by.
  • Providing small planting out the front of the Vogeltown (junior) School, to improve amenity.
  • Providing consistent 2m-wide cycle lanes on both sides of the street to ensure best practice for on-road cycle lanes, and to avoid the ‘car door zone’. 
  • Installing flexible marker posts along the outside curve of the cycle lane on the northern side to discourage vehicles from tracking into the cycle lane and encourage vehicles to reduce speed as they come around the corner. 

You can view the design concept below.

We welcome your feedback on this; you can submit it via email to, call 06-759 6060 or attend a public meeting to discuss the proposal at Vogeltown School on Wednesday 4 September at 6pm (please RSVP to Please provide feedback by Friday 13 September 2019.


Kauri Street Improvements

Status: Closed

We have developed a concept design, with input from Merrilands School and residents, to improve the layout of Kauri Street.

The key proposals are:

  • Relocating and raising the crossing point.
  • Widening the path on the school side of the street (to become a shared path).
  • Installing kerb build-outs at the intersection of Mangorei and Kauri Streets. 
  • Realigning parking spaces. 
  • Replacing the camellia trees with lancewoods.