Lower Mangorei Road Cycle and Pedestrian Improvements - Intended Changes to Current Road Layout

Lower Mangorei Road Cycle and Pedestrian Improvements - Intended Changes to Current Road Layout

Status: open
Consultation closes: 20 September 2019

Mangorei Road is a key arterial road in New Plymouth and passes New Plymouth Girls High School. Safety improvements are being considered for the section between Awanui Street and Northgate in response to requests to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, and to improve traffic flow. 

The purpose of an arterial road is to provide for the safe movement of people, no matter how they choose to travel. Currently the cycle lanes along Mangorei Road are not of a suitable safe width. National recommendations are that an on-road cycle lane should be 1.5m wide if not going past a parked car, and 2 metres wide if passing a parked car (to take into account the car door zone). There have been a number of instances of cyclists being injured and near misses reported on this section of road. The intention of these improvements is to improve safety for all road users, in particular our most vulnerable (those people walking and cycling).

Proposed changes include:

  • Extending the footpath at Awanui Street and banning left turns off Mangorei Road, which currently causes turning vehicles to cross the centre line at the narrowest point on Awanui Street.
  • Moving the bus stop to the southern side of Warangi Street to allow for the installation of a pedestrian crossing point with a central refuge island.
  • Creating formal pedestrian crossing points on Awanui and Warangi streets with associated kerb extensions.
  • Creation of P120 parks on the south side of Warangi Street to allow short term parking for residents on Warangi Street and Mangorei Road.
  • Installing no stopping lines either side of the entry to Warangi Street and at the turning head to allow good visibility at the crossing point and allow free flow of traffic into and out of Warangi Street.
  • Creating a right-turn bay for vehicles turning into Rimu Street, allowing traffic down Mangorei Road to flow more freely.
  • The installation of this right-turn bay from Mangorei Road into Rimu Street also provides space for vehicles turning right out of Rimu Street into Mangorei Road.
  • Creating a raised crossing point on Rimu Street to slow vehicles entering and exiting the street.
  • Raising the pedestrian and cycle crossing point on Mangorei Road at its current position adjacent to New Plymouth Girls’ High School.  This will be done with long approach and exit ramps to minimise traffic disruption while still providing a reason to slow at this crossing.
  • Installing tactile surfaces either side of the above pedestrian crossing points to assist the visually impaired.
  • Providing cycle lane widths on each side of the street in accordance with national recommendations.
  • These cycle lanes will provide an additional visibility zone between property boundaries and the traffic lanes, making it safer for vehicles to exit and enter properties.
  • Enhancing cycle lane identification with green zones across intersections.
  • Installing raised buffers to prevent vehicles inadvertently travelling into cycle lanes at key points and areas.
  • Creating a bike crossing adjacent to the pedestrian crossing to allow cyclists coming from town (who use the off-road cycle path beside Northgate) to cross at one formalised place.
  • Providing cycle ramps near the Northgate intersection to allow cyclists to avoid the intersection if they wish.
  • Retaining the P2 parking restrictions (8am – 9.30am and 3.00pm – 4.00pm School Days Only) with inset parking bays adjacent to the tennis courts, with unrestricted parking available out of these times.
  • Removing on-street car parking along the school frontage south of the P2 parks to reduce traffic congestion, provide room for the Rimu Street turning bay and improve the safety of cyclists.
  • There is a significant reduction in the number of car parks on Mangorei Road, which is necessary to accommodate all the required traffic lanes however where lane widths allow we have created inset parking bays where parking could not be provided adjacent to the current kerb lines.
  • Creating shared-use paths from the pedestrian/bike crossing to and from Northgate.


Other clarifications

  • To ensure visibility of approaching cyclists heading south towards Rimu Street, the width of Rimu Street at the intersection will be narrowed to one lane.  The right-turn lane on Mangorei Road also creates a right turn bay for vehicles turning right out of Rimu Street and there are alternate routes available if traffic banks up, as does happen at peak times. 
  • We are unable to make changes to the shared footpath adjacent to the lights on the west side of the Mangorei Road/Northgate intersection at this time and acknowledge the congestion that can occur there. However we believe the good visibility for pedestrians/cyclists around this corner will continue to allow it to function as a shared pathway and at peak times cyclists may have to dismount.  
  • The bus stop near Warangi Street and the stops adjacent to Girls High (both sides of the road) can be used for parking outside of bus operation hours.
  • The school bus parks are available for parking outside of set hours.
  • The raised crossings will be designed with an awareness of noise impacts in mind.  It is not anticipated they will have a significant noise impact, however it is unavoidable that there will be some noise generated when heavy vehicles pass over them. 
  • We understand residents and school concerns regarding the current level of parking enforcement and will work with our Regulatory Team and Police in respect to enforcing this issue.


You can view the design concept below.

We welcome your feedback on this. You can submit it via email to enquiries@npdc.govt.nz or call 06-759 6060. Please provide your feedback by Friday 20 September 2019.