Bike jump park proposal at Shearer Reserve

Status: Closed
Feedback closed: 5pm Sunday 28 February 2021

NPDC supports the use of its open spaces by communities to enhance wellbeing, sustainability and community development. A group of young people, supported by the Ōākura Community Action Group (OCAG) have been working with NPDC to find an appropriate space in Ōākura to build a mountain bike jump park. A 1600m2 corner of Shearer Reserve has been selected as the most suitable site. 

The proposal is for:

  • A jump park that caters for a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Four tracks being developed.
  • Jumps built out of soil.
  • Plantings being established. 
  • The park to be developed in stages.
  • The park to be for daylight use only. 

If the proposal proceeds, a group of local people will take the lead in the set-up and ongoing maintenance, in partnership with members of the surrounding community. The project will be funded through donations and community fundraising. 

In addition, we want to hear your views on the current state of Shearer Reserve, and what the rest of the reserve could be used for if it is retired from grazing. 

Please send us your views by filling in the short survey below.

More information about the proposal is available from NPDC at and from Richard Shearer, Ōākura Community Action Group, at