Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy and TAB Venues Policy

Status: Open

Closes: 5pm Wednesday 14 October 2020


Under the Gambling Act 2003 and the Racing Industry Act 2020, every council is required to develop a class 4 Gambling Venues Policy and a TAB Venues Policy. In developing these policies, NPDC must have regard to the social impact of gambling within the district.

Councils may also consider the following when developing these policies:

  • The characteristics of the district and parts of the district.
  • The location of kindergartens, early childhood centres, schools, places of worship and other community facilities.
  • The cumulative effects of additional opportunities for gambling in the district.

In addition, Council may consider the following when developing a class 4 gambling venues policy:

  • The number of gaming machines that should be permitted to operate at any venue or class of venue
  • How close any venue should be permitted to be to any other venue
  • What the primary activity at any venue should be.

These policies must be reviewed every three years.

Provide feedback

Please read the statement of proposal below and then provide feedback by using the online form or by filling out the form within the statement of proposal and sending it to:

or delivering it to

  • NPDC Civic Centre, 84 Liardet Street,
  • Bell Block Library and Service Centre,
  • Inglewood Library and Service Centre, or
  • Waitara Library and Service Centre


Submissions close 5pm Wednesday 14 October