Public Toilet Implementation Report 2008

This report outlines progress made in completing actions from the Public Toilet Review 2004. It recommends the capital work programme for the 2008/09 year and 2009-19 Long Term Council Community Plan.

This report should be also read along side the Public Toilet Strategy 2000 and the Sanitation Report in the Long Term Plan

In August 2008 the Council resolved that having considered all matters raised in the report, the Council:

a) Notes the progress with public toilets since 2004, detailed in Appendix One.
b) Approves the work proposed for 2008/09 as attached in Appendix Three.
c) Recommends that the schedule attached in Appendix Four be considered in the preparation of the 2009/19 LTCCP.

In the 2010 Annual Budget the Council decided to desist with the augmentation programme, except for the public toilet at the Westown shopping centre.