National Policy Statement - Urban Development Capacity

Our district is growing. To plan for the growth, we use the objectives and policies of the 2016 National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS-UDC).  This includes carrying out a Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment (HBCA) every three years to understand the demand for housing and business land and our capacity to meet this demand. The HBCA provides an evidence base for planning and decision-making and has informed development of the Proposed District Plan.

Click on the link below to read our 2019 HBCA report, the first of our assessments under the NPS-UDC 2016. 

The NPS-UDC also requires us to regularly monitor and update the HBCA data. We monitor the data on a quarterly basis and publish an annual report that details:
a)      Purchase and rent costs for housing, residential land and business land by location and type; and changes in this pricing over time.
b)      The number of resource consents and building consents granted for urban development in relation to population growth for each quarter.
c)      An analysis of housing affordability based on specific indicators (Policy B6).

Annual Quarterly Reports