Street Appeals and Collection Policy

Reference: P12-014 (This policy replaces P90-016 (August 1990))
Status: Approved by the Council on 6 November 2012 


The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance about the conduct of street appeals in the New Plymouth District.

The objectives of the policy are to:

  • Maintain a quality environment and urban character within public places.
  • Ensure pedestrian and legitimate street user’s access is not compromised.
  • Provide an environment where street appeals are made possible by non profit and community groups.


Street appeal – A coordinated and organised event by organisations that ask for, or seek, any subscription, collection or donation from members of the public (both monetary and written via a petition or survey). Street appeals can involve one or more people and can operate at more than one location at the same time.


3.1 Location

3.1.1  In general, the street appeals covered by this policy will be:

  • In retail focused business areas, or
  • In pedestrian orientated areas, or
  • Residential areas, or
  • In selected parks and reserves.

3.1.2 Areas and locations suitable for street appeals covered by this policy are generally approved by the Council through an application process.

3.2 Management

3.2.1 The street appeals covered by this policy should uphold a quality environment that does not detract from the amenity of, or privatise the public pedestrian space. This will require:

  • Maintaining a clean and tidy rubbish free environment for the duration of the activity.
  • Removing all structures, displays, promotions and items by the end of the day on which the street appeal was conducted.

3.2.2 The number of collectors or appeal participants is to be limited appropriate to the location and conditions of the site (to be negotiated at the time of application).

3.3 Conditions of Application

3.3.1 All groups seeking to undertake a street appeal are required to meet the following conditions:

  1. Evidence of the organisations not for profit status (charitable registration number to be provided in the case of monetary collections).
  2. Write to the Council no less than 28 days before the street appeal is scheduled to take place.
  3. Not undertake a street appeal without the written consent of the Council.

3.4 Conditions of Street Appeals and Collections

3.4.1 All groups seeking to undertake a street appeal are required to comply with the following conditions:

  1. The number of persons undertaking the street appeal shall be limited to the number set out in the individual condition compliance agreement.
  2. Provision of a contact name and number in the event of a complaint.
  3. The duration of the appeal is valid only for the specified dates and times.
  4. The location of the appeal is restricted to the areas confirmed as permissible by the Council.
  5. The persons conducting the appeals must abide by the directions of the Police or any authorised Council Officer.
  6. Collectors, organisers and groups must be clearly identifiable as representing the group or organisation for which the street appeal is taking place on behalf of.
  7. The collection device must be clearly identifiable as pertaining to the appeal or organisation.
  8. The collector, organiser or group shall not sell or offer for sale any commodity or service not specified for in the licence application.
  9. Collectors, organisers and groups shall operate at a safe and reasonable distance away from intersections and vehicle drivers so as not to cause a hazard or obstruction.
  10. Collectors, organizations or groups shall cause no impediment or obstruction to pedestrians.
  11. Collectors, organisations or groups must keep to the footpaths.
  12. Pedestrians must not be harassed.
  13. No amplification is to be used.
  14. Only sealed collection boxes shall be used.
  15. That in connection therewith no replica of the RSA Poppy or imitations of the RSA Poppy design be sold, given away, displayed or exchanged.

3.4.2 All street appeals and collections shall comply with the relevant provisions and conditions of the New Plymouth District Council Bylaws, including, but not limited to Part 5 Public Places Bylaw 2008.

3.4.3 All street appeals shall comply with an Act or Regulation applicable to the circumstances of the street appeal.
3.4.4 The Council reserves the right to amend or revoke the permission to conduct the appeal if deemed necessary or in the event that conditions are not complied with or met.

3.5 Street Appeal and Collections Approvals

3.5.1 Approval of street appeal applications shall be made by the written consent of the Council or an authorised officer.

3.6 Street Appeal and Collections Restrictions

3.6.1 The Council shall permit no more than one appeal in a single location on the same date.

3.6.2 The Council shall not approve more than one appeal per seven days in an individual community area within the district in any one year.


4.1 The policy holder is the Customer and Regulatory Services Team within the Customer Services Group.


5.1 This policy shall be reviewed three yearly from the date the policy is adopted.

Reviewed three yearly.