Rural Road Impact of Subdivisions Policy

Reference: P99-032
Status: Approved by the Council on 6 December 1999

That having considered the report of the Planning and Environmental Services Manager and the Engineer Manager on the impacts of subdivisions on rural roads and, as recommended by them:

a) A uniform impact fee be applied to rural subdivisions adding traffic beyond what any road connecting a subdivision to a State Highway can carry by reference to the New Plymouth District Council’s Roading Code of Practice;
b) The fee be calculated in accordance with the formula below;
c) The fee be applied as a condition of resource consent for rural subdivisions;
d) The Roading and Works Development Fund be used to hold roading impact fees for later use when the road concerned is upgraded.


i) Calculate the traffic generated by the subdivision. This calculation shall be based on 10 vehicles per day per new lot unless other information more specific to the subdivision is available.

ii) Obtain and graphically plot traffic counts on the road(s) serving the subdivision from the State Highway back to the subdivision. This shall be based on a combination of actual traffic count and the criteria described in (i) above.

iii) Compare the plotted traffic counts with standard width requirements of Table 3.5 of the Road Code of Practice and measure the length of substandard road (if any) created by the subdivision.

Note: The above measurement shall exclude any lengths of already substandard road, i.e. the subdivider shall not contribute to the cost of work the Council would intend to do anyway.

iv) If there is a measured length of substandard road, the impact fee will apply. If not, it will not apply.
  The impact fee shall be calculated as follows:

Impact Fee = (Cost x Length x Width x 0.5 x 0.5) / Number of new lots + GST 


Cost =  The construction cost at $60,000 per km per 1m width, or the appropriate contract rate for similar work at the time of subdivision.

Length =  Length requiring additional widening in km (see (iii) above).

Width =  Additional seal width required by Roading Code of Practice.

0.5 = Transfund NZ subsidy rate (50% of Cost).

0.5 = Factor required by Appendix 5 of the proposed New Plymouth District Plan.

The Number of New Lots is for the particular subdivision concerned.