Remuneration of Council Employees

Reference:  P13-004 
Status: Approved 27 September 2016

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide overarching principles to guide the remuneration of New Plymouth District Council employees.

This policy does not seek to alter the role of the employer to negotiate the actual remuneration of individual staff or to determine staffing levels. These matters remain the responsibility of the Chief Executive to manage in the exercise of her/his statutory responsibility to ensure the effective and efficient management of the activities of the Council. However, in fulfilling this statutory responsibility and the responsibility to employ and negotiate the terms of employment of all other staff of the Council, the Chief Executive must do so in accordance with this policy.
This policy has been developed under the provisions of section 36A, Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002.  

Council position on remuneration

The New Plymouth District Council (the Council) recognises that remuneration is an important factor in attracting, motivating and retaining the talent the Council requires to ensure the district’s community continues to grow and prosper now and into the future.

The Council values its employees and is committed to providing a strong, performance development and reward-orientated environment where each employee is provided with equal opportunity to perform.

The Council’s remuneration framework will reflect a total rewards approach where rewards will be aligned to both the performance of the Council as well as the performance of the employee.

Policy Statements

The following statements will guide the remuneration of Council employees.

1. Remuneration will support the business of the Council and will be aligned with the Council’s strategic intent and current Long-Term Plan.

2. Remuneration will be affordable and within annual budgets.

3. Remuneration will be fair and equitable.

4. Remuneration will be nationally competitive within a local government environment, particularly in relation to similarly sized local authorities, to position the Council appropriately within the market place.

5. The remuneration framework will have sufficient flexibility to respond to any changes in circumstances.

6. The remuneration framework will have integrity and legal standing.

7. The remuneration framework will be efficient, manageable and easily understood.

8. Remuneration will be driven and supported by a modern efficient and credible performance management system.

9. All NPDC employees be paid a minimum of the living wage from 1 July 2020.

Policy reviewed and clause 9 added (24 September 2019).

Policy Contact
Chief Executive

Policy Review
To meet the requirements of section 36A (2), Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002, this policy shall be reviewed at intervals of no more than three years.