Provision of Parking Facility on Road Reserve

Reference: P12-002
Status: Approved by the Council 14 March 2012

Policy Purpose

The Council receives requests from schools, sports clubs and other community organisations to provide parking facilities on road reserve; this policy clarifies the Council’s position on providing such facilities.  

Policy Statements

The Council will provide parking facilities on road reserve within the parameters of the following statements:

Assessing a request

1. The Council will assess requests for parking facilities in relation to the following criteria:

  • The availability and suitability of locations other than road reserve. 
  • Effects on pedestrian and traffic safety.
  • Effects on existing assets on the road reserve.
  • The compatibility of the request in relation to sustainable transport initiatives, especially in relation to schools.    


2. The parking facilities shall be designed in accordance with current Council design requirements.

3. The Council may provide design services at no cost to the applicant.


4. The construction of the parking facilities shall be undertaken by an approved Council contractor.

5. All costs associated with the construction and installation of the parking facilities shall be met by the party requesting the facilities.

6. The Council may provide project management services at no cost to the applicant.

7. The Council may undertake complementary works, as is deemed necessary, within the carriageway or immediately adjacent to it as may alleviate drainage, maintenance or traffic safety problems. All costs shall be met by the party requesting the parking facilities.

Ongoing maintenance

8. The Council shall be responsible for undertaking all future maintenance and renewal works on the parking facilities.

Policy Contact

The policy holder is the Roading Assets Team within the Community Assets Group.

Policy Review

This policy shall be reviewed five yearly from the date the policy is adopted.