Privately Owned Redundant Underground Storage Vessels on Private Property Policy

Reference: P12-006
Status: Approved by the Council 14 March 2012

Policy Purpose

To clarify the requirements regarding the management of privately owned redundant underground storage vessels on private property.  

Policy Statements

In addition to any requirements under the Building Act, when a privately owned septic tank or other underground storage vessel on private property becomes redundant to requirements and is of no further use, it must be either:

  • Emptied and removed from the ground with the cavity filled with compacted earth to the same or greater bearing of the surrounding ground, or
  • Emptied, holed or collapsed on one side to prevent water containment, and filled with compacted earth. 

Policy Contact

The policy holder is the Customer and Regulatory Services Team within the Community Services Group.

Policy Review

This policy shall be reviewed three yearly from the date the policy is adopted.