New Plymouth District Citizens Award

Reference: P11-005  
Status: Reviewed and amended by the Council on 7 July 2021


New Plymouth District Citizens’ Awards recognise citizens for significant contributions to the district and/or its citizens. This policy sets out how the Council will provide, deliver and manage the New Plymouth District Citizens’ Awards.


The following statements apply to the provision, delivery and management of New Plymouth District Citizens’ Awards, which for the purposes of this policy shall be referred to as “Citizens’ Awards”:

Nominations are called for

1.  Nominations are called for on an annual basis.

2.  Nominations are called for on the understanding that they are confidential between the nominator/seconder and the Council.

3.  Nominations must be submitted on an official New Plymouth District Citizens’ Awards Nomination Form.

4.  Nominations received after the nomination closing date will not be considered.

5.  Nominations must be for named individuals and cannot be lodged for groups. 

Nominations are received

Nominee criteria

6.  Nominees must have made a significant contribution to the well-being of the district and/or its citizens:

a) Over a significant period of time; and/or
b) Through exceptional actions; and/or
c) By other means.

7.  Nominees must normally be resident in New Plymouth District.  However, if a nominee from outside the district boundaries meets one of the criteria, then they can be deemed eligible for receipt of an award at the discretion of the Council.

8. Current serving political figures, including District Councillors and Community Board Members, are ineligible for receipt of a Citizen’s Award.

Nominator criteria

9.  Nominations by immediate family members of the nominee will not be considered. 

10.  District Councillors and Community Board Members may make nominations for the Citizens’ Awards, with the restriction that no more than two recipients come from these nominations annually.

Nominations are considered

11.  No more than 12 awards are given in any one year. 

12.  If the nominee has received payment or other remuneration then the Council shall determine whether, in its view, the nominee’s contribution was sufficiently beyond the call of duty to warrant special recognition.

13.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a nominee that has previously received a Citizen’s Award will not be eligible for another Citizen’s Award.

Awards Ceremony is held

14.  The awards are presented to the recipients at a Citizens’ Awards Ceremony.

15. The ceremony will be guided by procedures for the planning and management of the ceremony.

16.  A media release naming recipients is prepared and embargoed until the Citizens’ Awards Ceremony.

Following the Awards Ceremony

17.  The names of the recipients are published on the Citizens’ Awards honours board following the Citizens’ Awards Ceremony.

18.  If a recipient is subsequently found guilty of an offence punishable by a term of imprisonment of two years or more, that person will be notified immediately that their name will be removed from the Citizens’ Awards honours board without delay.


This policy shall be reviewed six yearly from the date the policy was adopted unless required at an earlier date.