Milk Tanker Entranceways Policy

Reference: P97-001
Status: Approved by the Council on 17 February 1997


Construction standards shall be as described below:
a) The radius of each side of the entranceway shall be a minimum of 13 metres and the width, at its narrowest point, 4 metres;
b) The gate or cattlestop shall be at least 15 metres from the edge of seal;
c) Basecourse shall be constructed to a compacted minimum depth of 200mm within a distance of 1m from the edge of road seal;
d) Basecourse shall be constructed to a compacted minimum depth of 100mm for the balance of the vehicle crossing;
e) The entranceway shall be constructed with a two coat chip seal within a distance of 1m from the edge of road seal. (The area described in 1c) above).

The New Plymouth District Council Plan “Tanker & Heavy Commercial/Industrial Crossing” Rev 2 dated 14 January 1997 refers.


The Council will provide the following assistance for Milk Tanker Entranceways constructed on local roads:
a) Reseal the first metre of the entranceways as described in 1e) above as part of its normal resealing programme, provided this area is adequately maintained by the owner;
b) Where roadside surface water channels exist, supply entranceway culvert pipes for the use in upgrading to the new Milk Tanker Entranceways standard on condition that:

  • The Council is notified of the type, size and length of pipe required, and
  • Two weeks notice is given, and
  • The Council will not provide pipes to replace existing substandard entranceway pipes.

Where roadside surface water channels have not been constructed, the Council will install entranceway culverts to the new standard at the time of surface water channel construction.

Note: The Council will not contribute towards the construction cost of new milk tanker entranceways.