Memorials in Public Open Spaces Policy

Reference: P04-009 
Status: Approved by the Council on 22 June 2004

Policy Purpose
To provide the New Plymouth District Council with a framework for the placement of memorials in any public open space within the district.

Policy Statement
This policy covers all proposed memorials placed in any public space within the New Plymouth district.  All such memorials will be required to conform to this policy.

An existing memorial cannot be taken as a precedent for future approvals and any alterations to any existing memorial will need to comply with this policy.

Policy Objectives
a) To provide a framework which enables Council to manage the placement of memorials in an efficient and effective manner.
b) To provide a clear, open, equitable and accountable process for the placement of memorials in public open spaces.
c) To ensure the design and siting of memorials is consistent with the public interest.
d) To ensure the placement of memorials:
- Conserves the natural and cultural character and environment of the district’s public open spaces; and
 - Does not invite vandalism.
e) To ensure the placement of any memorial does not present a public safety risk now and in the future.
f) To fulfil any legislative requirement that may stem from any bylaw or reserve management plan.

1. a) Memorials will only be considered where they satisfy one, or both, of the following criteria:
- Commemorating a New Plymouth district association and/or group and/or individual;
 - Commemorating places or events of local, or national significance
b) That where appropriate the community board be consulted and a recommendation to Council sought.

2. Memorials can encompass all infrastructure (barbeques, shade covers, picnic shelters, retaining walls, sections of pathway, fencing, tables and chairs, playgrounds, buildings etc).

3. In considering approval for a new memorial, Council will consider:
a) How the construction/installation of the memorial will be funded;
b) The applicant’s ongoing commitment to maintenance costs including responsibility for vandalism and theft; and
c) How the ongoing maintenance will be funded.

4. The provision of memorials in public open spaces will have no financial impact on Council.

5. The applicant must meet all ongoing maintenance costs of the memorial including vandalism and theft, and if required the applicant must meet all replacement costs.  The memorial will not be replaced at Council’s expense.

6. Any memorial that incorporates public art must comply with Council’s Art in Public Places Policy.

7. The placement of memorials will take into account the number of existing memorials, artworks and other objects in the vicinity of the proposed new memorial.

8. Applications will be assessed according to guidelines established by Council’s Parks and Recreation Assets team and any other relevant staff including a member of the Iwi Relationships team should an application be received that is of significance to Tangata Whenua.

9. Applications must be in writing with supporting evidence demonstrating that the memorial meets the principles of this policy.

Memorial  - An object established in memory of a group/association, event or individual.
Public Open Space - As defined in the Public Places Bylaw.