Manaaki Urupā Grant Policy

Reference: P20-005
Status: Approved by the Council on 21 July 2020


The purpose of this policy is to guide the assessment, approval, administration and review of the Manaaki Urupā Grant.  Consistent with support Council provides the rural cemeteries at Huirangi, Lepperton, Tikorangi and Tongapōrutu, the grant has been established to support trustees and/or owners in the annual care and maintenance of their urupā.


The objectives of this policy are to ensure:
a) Clear, concise and easy to understand criteria;
b) Assessments are thorough and consistent;
c) Final decisions are robust and defensible; and
d) Council and applicants are clear of their respective responsibilities.


Evidence: Tangible, verifiable proof of, for example, estimated costs, support of the application, and completion of proposed urupā grounds maintenance activities.
Urupā: Māori burial ground.


The New Plymouth District Council is responsible for approving grants under this policy.


a) The purpose of this contestable grant is to partially cover costs for activities directly related to the care of urupā;
b) The total annual funding available for distribution under the Manaaki Urupā Grant is $50,000; and
c) Monies left-over from previous funding rounds will be carried over into the following year.


To be eligible to apply for a Manaaki Urupā Grant, the urupā must be:
a) Within the New Plymouth District; and
b) Located on:
i. Land designated a Māori reservation under section 338 of the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 for the purposes of an urupā; or
ii. Māori freehold land; or
iii. General freehold land in Māori ownership.


7.1 Activities that will be considered for a grant include, but are not limited to the following:
a) Repair and maintain gateways, fences, etc.;
b) Maintain, clean, repair and restore headstones, install berms, etc.;
c) Maintain, repair or replace existing ground maintenance equipment;
d) Maintain and repair pedestrian and vehicular access and parking; and
e) Maintain urupā lawns, hedges, trees, etc., and remove green waste.
7.2 Council may also consider urgent protection-related work on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to:
a) Erosion-related mitigation;
b) New car-parking, and vehicle and pedestrian access ways; and
c) Flood-mitigation.
7.3 The grant may not be used for:
a) Establishing a new urupā;
b) Multiple-year projects;
c) Payment of salaries, wages, commission, fees, etc.; and
d) Power and water rates, legal fees or leases.


8.1 Applying for a grant
a) Applications must meet all the relevant provisions of this policy;
a) Applications may only be submitted via the online Application Form available on the Council’s website;
b) All sections marked by a * in the form must be completed; and
c) Only 1 application per urupā will be accepted per annual funding round.
8.2 Timeframes
a) Council will accept applications from 1 September to 31 October each year; and
b) Invitations to submit applications will be advertised through various media channels, with iwi and hapū notified directly through their respective representative entities.
8.3 Assessment
a) Council’s Iwi Relationships Team will be responsible for assessing applications, with support from the Community Partnerships Team; and
b) The process for assessing Manaaki Urupā Grant applications is attached to this policy as APPENDIX 1.


Further details regarding the evidence requested in the Manaaki Urupā Application Form is attached to this policy as APPENDIX 2.


a) The policy will be reviewed in 2023-24, guided by the framework attached to this document as APPENDIX 3;
b) To answer the framework questions, the review will consider evidence from numerous sources including, but not limited to:

  • Past applications; and
  • Feedback from: applicants; urupā owners/trustees; application sponsors; contractors; Council officers; and whānau and hapū; and

c) Where recommended, the Community Partnerships Team will report back to Te Huinga Taumata to approve proposed changes to this policy.


The contact for this policy is the Community Partnerships Team, Strategy Group.