Honorary Ambassadors Selection Criteria

Reference:  P00-012           
Status: Reviewed and amended by the Council on 7 July 2021. 

Policy Purpose

This policy sets out the criteria for selecting Honorary Ambassadors of the New Plymouth District and the manner of recognising their appointment.

Policy Statements


Recipients of an Honorary Ambassadorship shall:

a) Reside in, or have a close relationship with, the New Plymouth district; and

b) Have been chosen through a recognised selection process to represent New Plymouth, Taranaki or New Zealand at an international or national event, held in New Zealand or overseas, in a cultural/artistic/sporting or academic field; or

c) Be involved in an international activity or event, including an international conference, held in New Zealand or overseas, which is likely to enhance and promote the reputation of the New Plymouth District. 


Honorary Ambassadorships shall be granted for the duration of the event being recognised, or a period of time to be determined at the discretion of the Mayor:


Honorary Ambassadors are expected to:

a) Achieve their best;

b) Be good ambassadors of the New Plymouth District and be prepared to take opportunities to promote the district in a positive way; and

c) Report back to the Council.

Receipt of nominations

Nominations will be received by the Mayor’s office and forwarded to the Mayor for consideration.


Recipients will be recognised at an appropriate function, usually a morning or afternoon tea, and will be presented with a certificate and a badge to acknowledge receipt of the ambassadorship.


This policy shall be reviewed six yearly from the date the policy was adopted unless required at an earlier date.