Forestry Policy

Reference: P04-008 
Status: Approved by the Council on 11 May 2004

  1. Forestry investment is considered to be a secondary objective for the Council to the extent that it was not the dominant purpose for acquiring the current land in the first place and will not in future be the dominant reason for acquiring further land or land rights;
  2. Given the range of infrastructural and recreational objectives associated with the Council-owned land holdings that currently have forestry plantations on them, forestry use be recognised as a complementary use of the land and that any investment decision be taken with that in mind;
  3. In respect of its own land holdings the Council adopt a hold strategy for forestry investment that entails the replanting of existing forestry or, where viable, new forestry, but that no land be purchased or otherwise secured expressly for the purpose of forestry development;
  4. The future of each joint venture forestry investment be reviewed at the time of maturity as a pure investment decision;
  5. As part of the development or review of any Management Plans for the affected existing or future land holdings, the following hierarchy be established that sets the primary, secondary and other uses of each land holding and seeks win/win outcomes for best land use/s over time:
    Primary use – the key Council activity or purpose for holding the land;
    Secondary use – forestry where economic;
    Other use/s – controlled recreational use compatible with the primary and secondary uses e.g. no fixed recreational infrastructure.