Elected Members Overseas Travel Policy

Reference: P21-005
Status: Adopted by the Council 17 August 2021

This policy sets out the considerations and procedures to approve elected members to travel overseas on Council business.


This policy sets out the considerations and procedures to approve elected members to travel overseas on Council business. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Elected Members Allowance Policy. 


This policy does not include approvals for staff travelling with elected members. Such travel is at the discretion of the Chief Executive. 

Policy Statement

1. Council’s involvement in international relations can contribute to the economic, cultural, and social well-being of the community. At times opportunities to travel may arise to support these well-beings. 

2. Travel and associated expenses (such as accommodation) incurred by Council must have a justifiable business purpose, be moderate and conservative having regard to the circumstances, and be appropriate in all respects. To ensure this the following procedures will be followed: 

a) Requests for overseas travel require a business case. The information to be included in the business case is included in schedule one.

b) For travel involving the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, the Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee (or equivalent committee) and the Chief Executive will approve travel based on the business case. 

c) For travel involving the Councillors and/or Community Board members, the Mayor and Chief Executive will approve travel based on the business case. ; 

d) Elected members participating in overseas travel at the council’s expense are to report on the activities and outcomes of the travel to the next appropriate committee or Council meeting; 

e) The Mayor and Chief Executive will determine whether it is appropriate and beneficial to invite representatives of other businesses, organisations or iwi to join the travel at those organisations’ own cost, and will, on a case-by-case basis, take into account factors such as those organisations’ interest and experience in the subject, and the appropriate number that a delegation should comprise; 

f) The Mayor and Chief Executive, in deciding whether other businesses and organisations should be invited to join the delegation will consider on a case-by-case basis, what is the most appropriate process for inviting other participants (e.g. personal invitation, public advertising etc); 

g) That once elected representatives are approved to travel, the name/s and other appropriate information will be circulated to elected members for their information; 

h) That the travel and accommodation expenses of the spouse of the Mayor be reimbursed where his/her travel is deemed appropriate via the business case approval process. 

To be reviewed in 6 years