Approval to Attend Professional Development Events

Reference: P18_001

Status: Approved by the Council on 10 April 2018

Policy Purpose

This policy sets out the approval process for elected members to attend Professional Development events including training courses and representing the Council at conferences, seminars and zone meetings.

 Policy Statements

In this policy:

 “elected member”   Refers to the Mayor, councillors and community board members and non-elected members who have been appointed to committees.

 “event”   Refers to a gathering for the purposes of, knowledge-sharing, training, skills development or local government related networking and includes conferences, seminars, wananga and LGNZ zone meetings.


1. Where the Council receives advice of an event, the Mayor and Chief Executive will consider the relevance of the event, whether elected member attendance would be beneficial to the Council and whether the costs are reasonable. Advice of events can be forwarded to the Mayor’s office by elected members, internal staff or external organisations.

2. Where an event is determined to be beneficial to the Council, the Mayor and Chief Executive will seek expressions of interest from councillors and/or community board members.  The expression of interest process will be coordinated through the Mayor’s office.

3. The Mayor and Chief Executive will determine which elected members will attend the event.

4. When determining who should attend an event, the Mayor and Chief Executive will consider:

  • An individual elected member’s interests and experience in the event purpose.
  • Relevance to the committee appointments and/or community board membership of the individual elected member
  • Availability of the elected member to represent the Council.

5. The Mayor and Chief Executive will endeavour to ensure there is an even spread of the workload among elected members.

6. All administrative arrangements will be made through the Mayor’s office.

7. Elected members attending conferences at the Council’s expense are to provide a written report on the conference to the next appropriate community board, committee or Council meeting.

8. That elected member professional development expenditure be reported in the annual report.

Policy Contact

The policy holder is the Governance Team within the Strategy Group.