Yarrow Stadium Strategic Plan and Asset Management Plan

Yarrow Stadium is Taranaki’s premier outdoor sporting venue, located within a short distance from New Plymouth’s central area in the suburb of Westown.

The property is owned by the Taranaki Stadium Trust whose purpose is to promote the effective and efficient maintenance, development, management, operation and promotion of Yarrow Stadium as a community asset used for recreation, sporting and cultural activities for the benefit of the people of Taranaki, working in particular with Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) and New Plymouth District Council (NPDC).

TRC and NPDC have entered into dual funding partnerships for the operations and long term maintenance and development of the Yarrow Stadium. NPDC manages, generates the revenue and funds the operations of Yarrow Stadium and TRC funds the long-term maintenance and development of the stadium.

A Joint Management Committee, comprising of two NPDC-elected members and two TRC-elected members, have a governance and decision making role for the stadium management, including developing asset management plans and implementation budgets.

Yarrow Stadium Strategic Plan
The strategic plan presents a vision and goals for the future of Yarrow Stadium. Strategies through which goals will be achieved are presented with a number of these being capital developments. Together the capital development projects are presented in a master plan under Goal Seven.

Yarrow Stadium Asset Management Plan
The asset management plan sets out a tactical plan to help manage Yarrow Stadium assets and deliver them to an agreed standard of service. The plan focuses on levels of services, demand, lifecycle asset management and the associated expenditure requirements. The AMP gives an overview of the assets within Yarrow Stadium and the plan to achieve the goals and vision set out in the Strategic Plan above.