Positive Ageing Strategy

Reference: S10-003
Status: Approved by the Council on 1 June 2010


We are all ageing, so this strategy is for each and every one of us. Positive ageing is about embracing all that life has to offer. As we all age, we recognise that with age comes experience and wisdom, and this strategy is about harnessing that experience and wisdom to benefit the New Plymouth community.

Statistics show that over the next 25 years the population of people aged 45+ years will increase from current levels of 38 to 46 per cent of the total population. With this ageing health and life expectancy are greater, as is the financial independence that many enjoy. Notwithstanding the positive impacts of ageing, there is still a proportion of our ageing community who are more vulnerable, and as such need economic, social and community support to ensure that they can flourish within and as part of the community.

New Plymouth is a district well placed to meet the demands and challenges that ageing brings. The environment delivers a magnificent coastline, award winning walkways and parks and internationally renowned library, museum and art gallery. Additionally, the already established networks of community organisations and agencies working together to promote the interests and welfare and of older people in the district, will make for a future that not only meets the needs of the ageing population but also utilizes the wisdom and talents of this same group to further enhance the well-being of the entire community.

Mayor Peter Tennent
New Plymouth District Council

John Cunningham
Chair, Positive Ageing Trust New Plymouth