Lake Mangamahoe Management Plan

Recreational areas are highly valued by the communities in New Plymouth district and have an important role. They contribute to the quality of life of local residents and enhance the visitor experience.

The Lake Mangamahoe Management Plan has been developed to identify appropriate uses and activities at Lake Mangamahoe and assist with day to day management and decision making. It sets out objectives and policies for the use, development and protection of the area.

This management plan should be viewed as a community document that provides certainty about the future function, development and management of Lake Mangamahoe.

The plan recognises that the primary purpose for the Council holding land at Mangamahoe is for water catchment or forestry; these purposes take precedence over any recreational activities. The New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) Bylaw 2008, Part 15 Water Supply, identifies the land at Lake Mangamahoe as a catchment area with restrictions on activities.

Development of this draft management plan has taken into consideration the views of users, stakeholders and other affected parties. Where appropriate policies and objectives from the Forest Leisure Plan 2000 have also been considered.

This plan should be read in conjunction with the NPDC General Policies for Reserves (2006). Where any matter is addressed by this document and the general policies, then the provisions in this document must take precedence.

Although Lake Mangamahoe is not held as a reserve under the Reserves Act 1977, it is proposed a similar process as that required for reserves is used for the preparation of this management plan. The management plan refers to Lake Mangamahoe as a park, the definition not being a legal one but of common usage; of a large public area of land used for recreation.

The management plan was approved by the New Plymouth District Council at their meeting on 14 December 2011.