Green Spaces Management Plan

The Green Spaces Management Plan has been developed to identify appropriate uses and activities of existing small reserve areas in the district. The Plan guides day to day management and future development in each reserve area, providing clarity on the purpose and intended uses of each reserve, and service levels that can be expected.

The 93 reserve areas included in the Plan are predominately located along stream or river banks or are pockets of reserve land that are not covered through an existing reserve management plan. There are four major groups of reserve types:

  • Reserves with walking tracks and open spaces located in New Plymouth and Bell Block;
  • Riverbank reserves in Bell Block, Inglewood and Tarata domain and Uruti Domain currently accessed by the community;
  • Isolated riverbank reserves that are in both well used areas as well as pastoral areas that do not have walking tracks or other reserve development.
  • Small miscellaneous reserve areas in New Plymouth City that do not currently have reserve management plans in place, such as Brois Street Reserve

Reserve management plan information is also available through the web-based map viewer.

Significant historical research has gone into plan development, including consideration of Māori interests.

The management plan was approved by the Council on 26 February 2019.