Coastal Reserves Management Plan (2006)

This plan sets out objectives and policies for each reserve in order to provide guidance about how these reserves will be managed. This plan fulfils the requirements for a reserve management plan under the Reserves Act 1977.

This document should be read in conjunction with the NPDC General Policies for Reserves (2006). Where any matter is addressed by both this document and the general policies, then the provisions in this document will take precedence.

The Coastal Reserves Management Plan (CRMP) only addresses those reserves administered by NPDC under the Reserves Act 1977. It does not address reserves administered by the Department of Conservation. The following Council-managed reserves are also excluded from the draft plan:

  • Ngamotu Beach, which is owned by Port Taranaki.
  • Waitara Marine Park, which is not subject to the Reserves Act 1977 and is part of the old Waitara Harbour Board land.
  • Tongaporutu which already has a reserves management plan (completed in 2004).

The preparation of the CRMP has been timed to coincide with the preparation of structure plans for the communities of Oakura and Urenui, to ensure that these plans are consistent with one another and to make use of information gathered through consultation. Structure plans for Oakura and Urenui are components of the Coastal Strategy process.

Amended 18 June 2015
Amendment made to 5.26 Fitzroy Seaside Park which involves a change to policy and the development concept where the former camping ground amenity building which had been identified once removed from the camping ground lease area at the lease expiry on 30 June 2015, is now to be retained, with the building ownership to be transferred to Surfing Taranaki who are to use the building as its base.

Amended 12 March 2013
Amendments to the management plan consist of updates to the five reserves containing camping grounds: 5.9 Oakura Beach Reserve; 5.18 Belt Road Reserve; 5.26 Fitzroy Seaside Park; 5.39 Onaero Domain Recreation Reserve and 5.41 Urenui Domain Recreation Reserve.

The updates include the results from the camping ground review which includes a development plan for each reserve along with policy on the management of permanent parking and structures at camping grounds.
Permanent parking: a delegation to the Council provides the ability to approve stays of longer the four weeks in camping grounds during the summer months. Previously this was not permitted under the Reserves Act 1977. Criteria around granting the approval is listed in the policy section.

Permanent structures; a sinking lid policy has been adopted, allowing no further permanent structures, transfer of ownership of existing permanent structures and the requirement to remove all permanent structures by 12 March 2028. All permanent structures are to be removed at the time a camping ground lease ends. Note that permanent structures does not apply to lessee improvements or existing baches at Onaero and Urenui Domains.

Amended 16 August 2011
Amendments made to the management plan involve  Regina Place (New Plymouth) to Hickford Park (pages 78 to 110). Amendments involve the removal of references to pedestrian priority of the coastal walkway with new policies and terms to promote shared use.