Barrett Domain Management Plan

The Barrett Domain Management Plan has been developed to identify appropriate uses and activities at Barrett Domain and assist with day to day management and decision making.  It sets out objectives and policies for the use, development and protection of the area. This management plan should be viewed as a community document that provides certainty about the future function, development and management of Barrett Domain.

The 40 hectare Barrett Domain comprises of 18 hectares of scenic reserve and 22 of recreation reserve.  The 13 land parcels comprising the domain all being subject to the Reserves Act 1977.

The reserve is located on the south west edge of New Plymouth city and includes a small lake (Barrett Lagoon), two bush areas with walking tracks, a kauri plantation forest, farm areas that are grazed and a centre for the local Riding for the Disabled Area (RDA).  Barrett Lagoon is classified as a Regionally Significant Wetland under the Taranaki Regional Council’s Fresh Water Plan and it is listed as a Key Native Ecosystem with high biodiversity values.  The farmland that once completely surrounded the domain, has incrementally been subdivided into residential properties, which now border about 60 per cent of the domain’s perimeter. 

The domain is named after Richard (Dicky) Barrett, an English pioneer who owned land that comprises the northern part of the lagoon and the western part of Rayward’s Bush.  This land was added to the reserve in 1969 and follows the initial Crown acquisition of land in 1904, and at which time the domain was Rotokare.

The management plan was approved by the Council at their meeting on 22 August 2013.